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I Have Bed Bugs, Now What Do I Do?

August 30, 2014

Bed Bugs Infestation

Okay. You discover red bumps on your legs that look like mosquito bites, but you haven't been to any cookouts recently, or gone for any walks in the woods. You go online and discover that those rashy bumps aren't mosquito bites. They're from something much worse. After an examination of your bed linens, and the discovery of tiny dark brown blood spots on your white sheets, your fears are confirmed. Bed bugs! Now what do you do?

For those who don't know much about bed bugs, the knee jerk reaction is to throw out all the mattresses in the house. But this does nothing to get rid of bed bugs. Though it is true, bed bugs like to live in the corners and edges of your mattress and box spring, that isn't the only place they hide. They can be in your walls, clothes, blankets, furniture, rugs, suitcases, paintings, and even outlets.

Don't call your uncle George and ask him how to get rid of those bugs, because he'll probably tell you to set up a couple thermal heaters in your house and just cook 'em. While heating your home is the best way to get rid of bed bugs, it is also dangerous. Just google, bed bug fires, and see what comes up. Without proper experience and training, you could burn your home to the ground. Seriously. It isn't easy heating a home to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. And, heating your home by itself isn't enough. You'll need to place fans strategically, to push the air where it needs to go. Professionals have the experience needed to know how and where to place these fans, to be sure the problem is solved, and no damage comes to your house, or your precious belongings.

Everyone wants to save a buck. But after you spend the money on insecticides, thermal heaters and large fans, you may not save much at all. Let’s not forget all the time and the work of preparing and moving out for a day. The last thing you want is to come back and find the bed bug are still there.

Bed bugs are hard to get rid of. They travel with you in your clothes and in your bags. They hide in places you would never expect--places that could protect them from the heat. And improper heating and circulation is a waste of time and money. If even one female bug survives, she can give birth to as many as 5000 babies in 6 months, and a bed bug can reach adulthood in as little as thirty days. If you have bed bugs, act quickly, and seek professional assistance in safeguarding your home.

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