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How To Tell If Termites Have Invaded Your New Castle Home

June 24, 2019

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swarming trmites burrowing through a wooden structure on a new castle property

Termites are dangerous pests. They invade homes and can cause catastrophic damage, all while remaining inconspicuous. Most of the time homeowners aren’t aware of an invasion until the destruction becomes so severe that it just can't go unnoticed; doors won't shut right, or the floor sags when you step on the boards. Moyer Indoor | Outdoor wants New Castle homeowners to know how to tell if termites have invaded their home. 

You may be wondering when the active season for termites is and when you should be worried. Well, the answer is right now. Termites can be active year-round in New Castle homes. Termites nest inside wood structures and underground 365 days a year, and remain undetected. Spring and summer, however, is a high-risk time to develop new infestations. Reproductive termites, known as swarmers, can be observed flying around. Colonies expand as the weather warms up sending swarmers off to start new colonies. When they find a nice spot to settle in, they take it.


What Damage Looks Like

The damage done by termites happens inside of wooden structures. It’s not usually observed from the outside until it becomes very severe. At times, you may notice crumbling or blistering wood, but inside will be a series of tunnels. If you break apart an infested wooden structure, you can see the hollowed-out damage, and possibly the termites themselves.


Warning Signs:

  • Flying termites (swarmers)

  • Discarded wings from swarmers

  • A hollow sound when you tap on a wall or other wooden structure

  • Mud tubes found around the foundation

  • Infested wood in the yard - Try breaking apart damp or old wooden debris to check for activity

  • Frass (termite droppings)


Where They’re Found

Termites usually start chewing wherever they find damp or damaged wood; this can be an area with a leak or any high moisture environment. Roof and pipe leaks can cause damage to the surrounding wood, and wood siding is also an area of concern. Sometimes water builds up under siding, especially if a pressure washer is used to spray away dirt and grime. Laundry areas, crawl spaces, doors and windows, and other areas high in moisture can attract termites as well. Once they’ve invaded, they can spread to multiple locations within the home. You may start to notice bowed walls or doors not shutting as smoothly as they used to.

Knowing the signs of termites and how to prevent termites is something every New Castle homeowner should know. If you’re questioning whether or not you have termites, an inspection is always a good place to start. Moyer Pest Control can help protect your home from termites. It’s never too early, or too late, to reach out. Learn more about our termite services and contact us today.

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