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How To Protect Your Home From Fruit Fly Invasions

November 27, 2014


Does this describe you? You sit in front of your computer monitor, reading Facebook, and a tiny speck of a bug flies into your field of vision. Whap! Your hands come together in front of your face and another fruit fly has gone on to join the choir invisible. Clickety click. You're onto another website--perhaps a news site, and another tiny speck flies past the screen. You're hands shoot out. Whap! Another fruit fly bites the dust. You look around, wondering where all the stupid flies are coming from. You stumble through the house like an angered animal, scanning the air with wild eyes. They're in the kitchen! Tons of them. But they're also in one of the bedrooms. And in the bathroom as well!

During the holidays you're going to have more fruit flies. These flies lay their eggs in fruit you buy at the store, and when you get the fruit home, they hatch. Cleaning store bought fruit can help, but even that has its problems. When fruit gets wet, it rots faster. Try keeping your fruit in the fridge until you're ready to eat it. Fruit flies reproduce very quickly. Within hours you could have a full infestation.


You may shrug, after all, what's the big deal, right? Actually, it is a big deal, and you may not be aware of it. Fruit flies enjoy rotting foods. If they have access to any food in your home that has become bacteria ridden, they will spread that bacteria to all the surfaces in your home.


If you have fruit flies in your home, call the professionals at Moyer and have them assess your situation. They can locate and cleanse breeding sites, give you practical preventative tips that are specific to your situation, and get rid of existing fruit flies. Get protected, and stay healthy this holiday season by cleaning your home of fruit flies, and keeping it fruit fly free.

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