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How To Know When It's Time To Call Moyer For Termite Control In Souderton

August 8, 2019

a comony of termites eating through a wooden structure supporting a souderton home in pennsylvania

Termites often begin new colonies in the spring after the swarmer termites mate. That information may make you think that spring is the only time to worry about a new termite infestation. If you’ve made it to late summer without seeing any signs of termites, you must be in the clear right? Not exactly. Here’s how to know when it’s time to call Moyer for termite control in your Souderton home.


When Termites are Active in Souderton

Just because new termite colonies form in the spring doesn’t mean that’s the only time you need to worry. Termites love the hot, humid weather of summer and are most active at this time of year. New termite colonies are busy growing their colony, and already established colonies are hard at work locating food sources.


Worker termites continuously forage for food, looking for good sources of cellulose that they can eat and bring back to the other termites in the colony. That means that any time termites are active is a time when they could end up in your home.


Although their activity wanes in the winter when the weather gets cold, this only applies to termites that are still in the ground outdoors. Termites that have found their way into your climate-controlled home will find no reason to slow down and will continue to eat away at the wooden structures.


How to Tell if You Have a Termite Infestation

You'd think it would be easy to tell if invaders got into your house and were slowly destroying it, but when it comes to termites, many homeowners go months and years before realizing what's going on. Termites rarely come out in the open, and they don't make any noise that you’re able to hear. If there are any signs of their presence, they’re usually subtle and can include:


  • Mud tubes: If you see pencil-width tubes along the outside of your foundation or inside, along your basement walls, you have termites in your house.

  • Damaged wood: Termites work almost exclusively underground or within the wood itself. Sometimes you can see signs of their presence in crawl spaces or on wood that has direct contact with the soil, such as fence posts. The damage often looks like grooves along the outside of the wood and small holes going into the wood.

  • Home damage: If you have walls that seem to bulge outward, ceilings that are sagging, or floors that are buckling, your home probably has a large, well-established termite colony that has already caused extensive damage.


How to Know When It’s Time to Call Moyer for Termite Control in Souderton

Because termites are so difficult to notice, the best way to fight them is to prevent them from ever getting inside your Souderton home in the first place. That means that the best time to call Moyer for termite control is now. We’ll do a thorough inspection to determine if you already have termites in your home, then we’ll set up a treatment plan that will eliminate the current ones and prevent any future ones from getting into your house. Contact us to schedule an inspection.

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