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How To Keep Wasps Away From Your New Castle Property

July 21, 2021


Some people love wasps because they pollinate your garden and feast on the other insects around your property. But don’t be fooled: wasps can be a dangerous pest, and having them around can actually prove to be very hazardous. Though wasps are a wide-ranging family that includes everything from yellowjackets to hornets to paper wasps, there are a handful of characteristics that make them distinguishable from other insects that fly and sting in New Castle.

You can most easily identify a member of the wasp family by their:

  • Trim waist

  • Thin and narrow wings

  • Smooth, hairless body

  • Coloring, which can range from yellow to black to dark brown

  • Antennae 

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How To Use Landscaping To Deter Wasps

Because wasps are one of nature’s great helpers, New Castle homeowners can use it to their advantage in both getting rid of wasps or attracting them. This is how landscaping can be a help or a hindrance and what you should know now:

  • Plants that help deter wasps include citronella, geranium eucalyptus, thyme, and wormwood. They all have qualities that make them unpalatable to wasps, but pleasant to most humans. You get the added benefit of having a few extra herbs for cooking and some flowers for the table. Similarly, you can diffuse essential oil extracts of these plants to spread their scent throughout the air.

  • Plants that attract wasps and thus should be avoided include sweet fennel, yarrow, and spearmint. Not only do these attract wasps, but they attract a host of other pests like mosquitoes.

  • Wasps love to build their nests in overgrown greenery, so making sure to maintain all hedges, trees, and shrubs is key. Not only is keeping everything properly trimmed helpful in taking away the actual space for a wasp nest, but it also allows you to keep a better eye on any developing nests. Wasps tend to build their nests around three feet from the ground, so this will give you easy access to any developments.

Preventing Wasps In Other Ways

Having an active wasp nest on your New Castle property is not worth the potential upside. Some other key ways that you can prevent the population growth of wasps around your home is through:

  • Proper food and trash storage. Wasps are attracted to anything sugary or that has a syrupy, nectar-like smell and taste. So making sure that while outside, at say a barbecue, all food is stored in airtight containers, the trash is covered, and that any spills are thoroughly cleaned in a timely manner is imperative.

  • Filling in any holes in the ground. Wasps like to get out of the sun and will seek cool, dark areas. Your backyard is also an ideal spot for wasps to lay their eggs as it gives them a great deal of protection. By filling in any holes in the ground, you’re removing any vulnerability that wasps could take advantage of.

  • Trickery. Wasps are a very territorial family of insects and you should take advantage of this fact. By filling up a brown paper lunch bag with air, you’re creating a mock nest. Place it wherever you want to keep wasps away from and watch them flee.

While you may be sad to see the wasps go because they were helping your garden, it’s the safe thing to do. For more wasp prevention assistance for the safe removal of an active nest on your property, contact the professionals at Moyer Pest Control today. 

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