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How To Keep Termites Out Of My Souderton Home

October 5, 2021


Everyone, especially new homeowners, hates hearing that they have termites, and with good reason. Termites cause an astronomical amount of damage per year, about $5 billion US dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. There are a few different termites, but the Eastern Subterranean termite is pretty prolific in the Pennsylvania area. Fortunately, there are ways to identify and eradicate infestations before too much damage is done to your home and your wallet.

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How To Identify Eastern Subterranean Termites

A termite is a termite is a termite, right? Well, no. There are 2,600 known species of termites in the world. Termites of different species can do varying amounts of damage to your Souderton home, so it’s good to be aware of them and their destructive abilities. Not only that, the winged termites are often confused with ants which are mostly benign to wood. It could cost a pretty penny to confuse an ant with a termite, so here are some defining characteristics.

Eastern Subterreanean Termites:

  • They are creamy-white to dark brown or black in color.

  • They are an ⅛ of an inch long.

  • They have six legs and antennae.

  • They are long, narrow, oval shapes.

  • Some have milky-colored wings and pinched waists.

  • The workers have darker heads and larger mandibles.

  • All parts of the caste system have strong jaws with which to chew through wood.

  • Winged termites come out in Pennsylvania between February and June.

Termites eat wood constantly, and in small colonies of 60,000, workers could eat 5 grams of wood a day. Damage like that could add up over years during which owners don’t even know what’s going on behind their walls; however, 5 grams of damage a day isn’t enough to notice the damage soon enough. That’s why it’s hard to identify the problem before major structural issues occur. 

Signs of A Termite Infestation

Signs of termite infestation can be hard to see with the naked eye. To be safe, it’s a good idea to have annual professional inspections, especially if you’re not confident you’d be able to notice the hints termites leave behind. Look for the following in termite hotspots in basements and cellars or around earth-hugging window frames, doorframes, wood paneling, or steps.

Signs of an Infestation:

  • Feces that look like sawdust

  • Shed wings inside the home

  • Mud tubes through which the termites travel

  • Caving, bubbling, or weak wood

  • Swollen windows or doorframes that cause a tight fit

It’s important to keep in mind that termite activity happens mostly inside the wood, so if you’re not sure if the wood is being eaten from the inside, take a screwdriver or an icepick and give the wood a prod. If it crumbles or behaves like rotting wood, especially if you punch a hole and termites fall out, you’ve got a problem.

Moyer Pest Control Knows What To Do About Termites in Souderton

Unfortunately, termites don’t have a do-it-yourself solution. It’s important to call a professional the moment you suspect an infestation, and ideally, before then. By the time you see the signs, they may have already done their work on your timbers.

Moyer Pest Control can prevent termites from costing you thousands of dollars. Don’t be one of the hundreds of thousands of homeowners who have to cover their home repair costs from termite damage. Schedule an annual home inspection with Moyer Pest Control to stay on top of signs of infestations. If you fear one is already underway, then Moyer can put a stop to it. Call Moyer Pest Control or visit us online for a consultation today.

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