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How To Keep Grain Beetles Out Of Your West Chester Home

December 15, 2021


Pennsylvania residents may be familiar with the many pests that plague their commonwealth, but grain beetles may be an unusual addition. These destructive beetles are serial troublemakers. Learn how to keep grain beetles out of your West Chester home and take steps to keep them from coming back. Reaching out to Moyer Pest Control can be the right move to evict nasty grain beetles.

What Are Grain Beetles?

What are grain beetles, and what exactly are they doing in Pennsylvania homes? Two types of grain beetles may be found in West Chester. The sawtoothed grain beetle is the more prevalent type of this insect, but the merchant grain beetle can also be seen. These two species are extremely similar in physical characteristics. Grain beetles are brown in color and small, measuring only around 1/10 of an inch long. One significant difference is that the sawtoothed grain beetles don’t fly while the merchant grain beetles do.

Homeowners may not be thrilled to find out that both grain beetles species are known food contaminators. These pests crawl into where foods are stored and make themselves comfortable. Grains, nuts, sunflower seeds, cereals, crackers, pasta, and chocolate products are foods these pests can commonly infest. 

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Signs Of A Grain Beetle Infestation In West Chester

A grain beetle infestation doesn’t happen instantly, but it can certainly occur quickly. These insects inhabit stored foods in warehouses, granaries, supermarkets, farms, and food processing plants. Once a grain beetle gains entrance into its food of choice, it begins laying eggs, and then the food within that package becomes compromised. So when consumers purchase any of this food, they bring the grain beetle home. 

Signs of a problem can typically be found in home pantries. There may be holes in damaged packages, homeowners may see a grain beetle or two crawling along a shelf or inside a food item, and grain products may appear damp or moldy. Dispose of any infested product immediately.

Preventing Grain Beetles In West Chester

When it comes to safeguarding the household from this yucky pest, prevention can be the ticket. Take the proactive approach when it comes to how to keep grain beetles out of your West Chester home.

  • Ditch Compromised Food: If homeowners suspect grain beetles in their pantry, the best course of action is to have a professional positively identify these pests. Contaminated food should be thrown out and then taken to an outside receptacle, so bugs don’t continue infesting their surroundings.

  • Inspect Potential Purchases: When shopping at the supermarket, take time to inspect every single food item that could be a potential target of the grain beetle. If there is a clear view, look inside the packaging, and turn the package all around to look for entry and exit holes. Don’t buy anything that appears problematic.

  • Practice Proper Food Storage: If grain beetles can’t access food, they can’t eat it, reproduce in it, and create a problem. Keep these pests out of the home by emptying their original packaging and into canisters with air-tight lids. Glass and metal containers are best; do not use zipping bags.

Managing Grain Beetles

These nasty pests can jeopardize the quality and nutrition of food. Spraying pesticides can further contaminate food, making the whole pantry a place to avoid. Don’t spend time worrying about how to keep grain beetles out of your West Chester home. Contact the home pest control service professionals at Moyer Pest Control who can assist and take care of grain beetles in West Chester.

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