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How To Keep Crickets Out Of Your New Castle Home

July 23, 2021


With their iconic chirping noise, crickets are one of the most identifiable pests simply by sound. Did you know that in some parts of the world, crickets are considered a delicacy? It’s true! Crickets are not just pet food, they can be covered in chocolate or sold in a pouch as fuel for long hikes. Though there are many kinds of crickets, the most common type that you will encounter in New Castle is the house cricket. Measuring just around ¾ to ⅞ inch, the house cricket is a creamy tan or beige color, has six legs and a set of antennae, and may have three brown bands on its head. A fun fact is that a cricket’s antennae often measure longer than their body itself. 

Destruction Caused By House Crickets

Did you know that house crickets can live indefinitely in your New Castle home once they’ve gained access? And while many people think of crickets in a positive light, they are far more destructive and dangerous than they let on. Some of the types of damage that crickets can cause are:

  • Incessant loud noises. House crickets are looking to mate and multiply rapidly, and the mating call of the male is that loud chirping noise that you thought was so peaceful. This can cause disruptions to your sleep and to your daily life.

  • Damage to personal goods. House crickets enter your home in search of food and protection for the elements. That said, they will chew constantly on fabrics like cotton, silk, wool, and other synthetic fabrics. Basically, your closet becomes a buffet for them. And while things can be replaced, the damage that a cricket can cause to your things can prove costly.

  • Health issues and diseases. Crickets are known to spread both E. coli and salmonella through the surfaces of their bodies and in their fecal matter, which they leave behind in heaps. Both types of bacteria lead to health issues that are unpleasant for humans to contract and you should seek medical attention if you match any of the symptoms and have a known cricket issue in your home. Additionally, some crickets may bite, which can result in painful sores. 

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What Attracts Crickets To Your Home

Even though crickets may appear friendly, they’re not and they have no place in the home. Furthermore, due to the rate at which they reproduce, if you spot one cricket, you most likely have an entire family living in your home. Here are a few of the things that attract house crickets to your property and how to eradicate them:

  • Since crickets make themselves at home in warm, moist nooks inside your home, keep an eye out for any activity around the kitchen, fireplaces, and furnaces. Address and reduce any areas of excess moisture in your home by using a dehumidifier, checking any leaky faucets, and ensuring that crawl spaces are adequately ventilated.

  • If you bring in any crickets as pet food, make sure that you store them securely and that none escape.

  • Because crickets are small and crafty, routinely inspect your home’s exterior for any vulnerable spots or openings and seal them up securely.

Because crickets can survive in your home indefinitely, an infestation can prove difficult to eradicate. At the first sight (or sound!) of crickets, call the professionals at Moyer Pest Control for assistance and more information. 

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