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How To Keep Ants Out Of Your West Chester Home

May 24, 2018

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Ant populations explode in springtime. After a long winter of dormancy, they're getting ready to find a bite to eat. As they search for food, they can find their way into our West Chester homes. When they do, it can be quite a mystery. Hopefully, this article will help to make ant problems less of a mystery and give you a good start in keeping those ants out of your home.

Are you wondering why you're seeing ants crawling around in a second story bedroom by the hundreds? It may be a tree branch resting on a portion of your roof that gave them quick access to that floor. Trim the branches on trees and bushes to keep ants from gaining quick access.

Are you wondering why ants have made a superhighway on your kitchen floor? It is likely that they found food, like a half-eaten pear your child left behind the couch, chip crumbs you left on the couch, food in a pets dish, a plate of leftovers on the coffee table, or some similar food source. When you see lots of ants inside, it is usually because they found food. Your goal should be to keep counters and floors as clean as possible and make sure that all interior trash is in a sealed container.

Are you wondering why there are ants crawling around in your basement? It is likely that you have conditions on the outside of your home that are inviting ants to establish themselves in the soil near your foundation. This may be leaf litter, cut grass, weeds, overgrown vegetation, stacked wood, or some other organic debris. It may be damp ground due to an obstructed gutter, leaky spigot, or an area of excessive shade that doesn't let the sunlight in to dry rainwater.

Controlling food sources, moisture, and conditions that give ants access will reduce ant populations near your home. Once this is done, it is important to seal cracks, gaps, holes, and other entry points in your foundation walls to keep persistent ants from getting in.

These tips may be enough to stop those ants. If not, pest control products may need to be employed. This is best done by a pest management professional (PMP). DIY ant control rarely solves ant problems because there are simply too many variables involved. A PMP knows how to properly identify the ants you're dealing with, what products will work to eliminate them, what safety guidelines must be followed, and what conditions can affect the success of the products used. Partner with an experienced pest management company for effective exclusion and elimination of ant pests.   

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