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How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In West Chester

August 29, 2016


What are silverfish? To just look at the name, you might think silverfish are aquatic creatures that are a shiny silver color. But we are not talking about silver fish, we are talking about silverfish. See the difference? It's one word, not two. When it's one word, we're talking about insects, not fish. And, if these insects get into your home, they can do damage and be a pain to get rid of.

A silverfish is a wingless, silver-colored insect that is about ¾ of an inch long. They are thick at their front and nearly pointed at the tail, having the shape of a teardrop. These creepy creatures, which prefer to live in dark, damp places (sometimes for up to 8 years) are capable of scaling walls and ceilings. And that means it is possible for one to drop on you from above! And since they prefer to dine on foods that are high in starches or protein, such as fabrics, paper, wallpaper, vegetables, pasta, sugar, toothpaste, cardboard, or dead insects, they can be found any place where these items or foods are present. But they don't need these foods to live. In fact, silverfish are able to go for several months without eating anything at all.

How to keep silverfish out of your home:

  • Inspect the outside of your home and, using a caulking gun, seal up any gaps or cracks you find. Silverfish, and other pests don't need much of a gap to squeeze through.

  • If you have mulch around your home, consider replacing it with dry crushed rock. Silverfish are drawn to moisture, so removing moisture will help keep them away from your walls.

  • Trim bushes and other vegetation away from the outside of your home.  Silverfish and other pests use these as bridges to your walls.

  • Repair any leaky pipes, sinks, tubs or toilets inside, and fix leaky pipes outside. Again, silverfish are drawn to moisture.

  • Dry out any moist or humid areas in your home by using fans and/or dehumidifiers.

  • Keep you home free of food particles. This may help keep silverfish at bay.

While these steps may keep silverfish from invading your home, what should you do if you are already seeing them inside? The fact is, these creatures are capable of multiplying relatively quickly, with a female silverfish producing up to 20 eggs in one day, and they can be extremely hard to kill since they have a high tolerance to insecticides. If left alone and allowed to multiply, this can increase the chances that these insects will damage items and contaminate foods in your home. But you don't have to live with silverfish! Here at Moyer Pest Control, we can get rid of silverfish, or any other invasive pest, you're finding inside your home.

Life is just better without insects dropping on you from above! Start living pest-free today by partnering up with Moyer Pest Control.

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