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How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants On Your New Castle Property

November 22, 2021


Ants are insects that commonly infiltrate properties seeking food, water, and shelter. They are social insects that create large colonies consisting of members with various roles and duties. Ants have six legs, antennae, and a sturdy exoskeleton that protects them. 

close up of carpenter ant on wood

One of the more common types found in the New Castle region is carpenter ants. Carpenter ants reach an average length of roughly ½ of an inch and usually have a shiny black appearance; however, some are described as appearing in dark brown or reddish shades.

Carpenter ants are equipped with strong mouthparts (mandibles) that allow them to burrow through wood and create nests. In natural outdoor environments, these creatures help to expedite the process of decomposition among fallen trees and other wood.

Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not actually consume woods but feed on insects, honeydew, and some sugary plant-based liquids. Carpenter ants often choose to target wood that has been water damaged, allowing them to penetrate more rapidly.

The Types Of Problems That Carpenter Ants Can Create

Carpenter ants will begin tunneling through wooden parts of homes and businesses, creating structural problems and damaging adjacent parts of the property. In some cases, floors will start to sound creaky, walls may develop bulges, and ceilings will sag. Doors and windows often become difficult to open or close, resulting from internal shifts.

Best Ways To Prevent These Pests

Some of the best ways of preventing these pests include:

  • Remove branches, fallen trees, and stumps from the area surrounding the structure and store firewood elsewhere
  • Take action to prevent excessive moisture, humidity, or mold growth indoors by using an exhaust fan while showering and ensuring crawlspaces and basements have sufficient ventilation.
  • Keep gutters and downspouts clear, so water is properly channeled away from the structure.
  • Use dehumidifiers where necessary and promptly repair or replace water-damaged wood.

Do I Need Assistance From A Pest Control Professional?

Property owners who detect the presence of ants sometimes attempt to eradicate the problem themselves using do-it-yourself treatment options that are marketed using overhyped claims of effectiveness. While taking the initiative to address the intrusion is typically done with the best of intentions, the results are often very limited and lead to further frustration. Keep in mind that some of these store-bought sprays, traps, or baiting systems may also contain harsh chemicals.

One major problem is that carpenter ant intrusions may go undetected for weeks or months until significant structural damage has already occurred. In these situations, failing to consult with a licensed pest controller immediately can have very costly ramifications that harm your property investment. A licensed pest controller will visit the premises to thoroughly assess the scope of the infestation and develop a systematic plan for efficiently resolving the problem.

Established Residential And Commercial Pest Control Company

The experienced local specialists with Moyer Pest Control have spent decades assisting both home and business owners in this region that are struggling with invasions involving ants, termites, rodents, stinging insects, and a host of other meddling pests that move indoors and create property damage and pose health risks. Our staff have been professionally trained and use a variety of the latest products and application methods that are safe and very effective.

We are active in this local community and adhere to the eco-friendly best practices endorsed by various agencies that are leaders in the local and national pest control industry. Please contact us today to speak with a friendly professional to coordinate an onsite inspection. Remember to ask your representative about our Home Guard protection plans that ensure your property remains pest-free all year long.

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