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How To Enjoy A Bug Bug Free Summer

June 25, 2014

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Summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation, fun, travel and vacations. No one wants to think about bed bugs catching a ride home with them, but that could be a reality. Bed bugs are known hitchhikers and can catch a ride on luggage, clothing or furniture. Bed bugs do not pose any known harm to humans but they do bite and they can really make getting a good night’s sleep difficult. Bed bugs hide in the creases and crevices of furniture, bedding and mattresses and tend to only come out at night to eat. Their meal of choice? Human blood. That is enough to keep pretty much anyone up at night.

While bed bugs can be a problem anytime of the year, they can spread more quickly in the summer because we tend to do more traveling. There are some ways you can be more alert and aware this summer so the only thing you are bringing home with you that you didn’t take are souvenirs.

  • Bring heavy duty trash bags along with you on your trip. On the way home, put all of your luggage in those bags before you load it into the car. If there are any bed bugs on your belongings this will keep them from getting into your car and keep them in the bag.

  • Pack your things in a hard-shelled suitcase. These types of luggage are harder for bed bugs to grip onto.

  • Purchase mattress and box spring encasements from West Chester bed bug control professionals. If those nasty bed bugs happen to catch a ride home with you, they will be easier to spot and easier to treat with those covers already in place.

While on your vacation, try to keep your suitcase zipped and all clothing inside your suitcase. Try to avoid leaving your suitcase laying on the floor or on the bed while you are at a hotel. If at all possible, store your luggage in the bathroom. You will also want to pack toiletries in a zipped plastic bag. Once you arrive at your hotel, check all around the blankets and mattress for bed bugs and also check the sheets from small brown spots. If you suspect bed bugs in your hotel room, contact management immediately.

Once you get home there are some additional things you can do to try to minimize the odds of bed bugs getting into your home:

  • Keep your clothing and luggage in sealed plastic bags until you can wash them in the hottest water possible. Be sure to toss the plastics bags in a dumpster or bin outside of your home.

  • Look over your belongings outside before you bring them inside, if possible.

In the weeks following your vacation, you want to be sure to be vigilant and keep an eye out for the signs of bed bugs. Bed bug bites can take several days to appear and can be confused for a rash. Bites are small, red and itchy. Keep an eye out for brown, rust-colored spots on your bedding and discarded bed bug skins. You can also inspect your mattress box spring, bedding and furniture with a flashlight.

If you think you may have brought home bed bugs, contact a professional for bed bug treatment right away. Bed bugs are not something you want to try to get rid of on your own. Pesticides can be very dangerous if they aren’t used properly and a lot of them, don’t bother bed bugs at all, so you could end up spending a lot of time and money for nothing.

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