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How To Be Sure You Are Dealing With Bed Bugs In West Chester

September 19, 2022


Bed bugs that invade your property can only lead to health and safety risks, putting the peace of your home at risk. Bed bug control in West Chester provided by professional West Chester pest control experts is the best way to identify this pest’s presence and remove every trace of them.

Mosquitoes Or Bed Bugs? How To Tell The Difference In Bites

While both mosquitoes and bed bugs can leave itchy bites behind on your exposed limbs, there are a few things to look out for that help you identify the difference between these two bites. To start with, mosquito bites often appear randomly over your skin in the areas that are not protected by clothing; bed bug bites will appear in a pattern, such as a line or a zigzag, on the areas of your body that are left exposed overnight.

Additionally, bed bug bites take longer to start itching and are sometimes accompanied by a rash. Most individuals will notice the bites far before they develop a rash or start itching. Mosquito bites, on the other hand, will start to itch quickly but will subside just as fast.

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Three Most Common Bed Bug Warning Signs

When bed bugs invade your property, they bring with them some warning signs that an infestation is getting underway. Keep an eye out for these three common bed bug signs and contact pest control to kill bed bugs the moment you suspect an infestation is starting:

  • Reddish or rust-colored staining will typically appear on beds, furniture, carpeting, and walls as a result of the bed bugs’ feeding activities.
  • An unpleasant odor will occur around your property, especially in areas where bed bugs gather in large numbers, such as bedrooms.
  • You may see this small pest, which is approximately the same shape and size as an apple seed, hiding out in bedrooms, on furniture seams, or in walls.

Seeing any of these signs indicates that it is time to contact Moyer Pest Control for professional bed bug removal.

Things You Ought To Do Every Time You Leave Your House

Among the many bed bug control techniques for your home, there are some that can help you prevent bed bugs from returning home with you. Every time you leave your home to go on a vacation or to another location that might be a bed bug hotspot, such as a library or a school, carefully look for signs of bed bugs in the area that you are staying; staining, unpleasant odors, and sightings of bed bugs are the most common.

When on vacation, be sure to elevate luggage to prevent bed bugs from crawling in and wash all of the clothing that you traveled with in hot water upon returning home. You should also keep an eye out for bed bugs hitchhiking in your luggage, as this is the most common way this pest travels.

Why Not Calling The Bed Bug Professionals Could Be A Big Mistake

Contacting local pest control for bed bugs is essential in defeating bed bug infestations and failing to reach out to the experts at Moyer Pest Control can be a big mistake. After all, it often takes professional remedies to fully remove all traces of bed bugs from your home and prevent reinfestation. Without assistance from the professional, you put your home at risk for repeated bed bug infestation in the future.

To deal with active bed bug problems in your home and avoid future infestation issues, contact Moyer Pest Control today.

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