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How Moyer Protects West Chester Homes From Summer Wasps And Yellow Jackets

May 21, 2019

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a large wasp perched on a nest with its wings spred out on a west chester property

The temperatures are warming up in West Chester, which means homeowners will be seeing a resurgence of stinging insects. Summer wasps and yellow jackets will begin to appear in spring and will reach their peak activity in June and July. From there they will continue to reproduce and, by the end of the season, there will be more stinging insects than you can count.

Wasp and yellow jacket nests should never be handled without proper equipment and training. Trying to protect homes on your own can be hazardous. These particular types of stinging insects are aggressive. They’ll defend their nest and their food. If they’ve claimed the trash bin, watch out. Trying to remove a nest can be a recipe for disaster. Just one wasp or one yellow jacket can deliver multiple stings, Imagine a nest full of angry wasps after knocking it down.

The sting of a wasp or a yellow jacket is very painful. You’ll notice an instant sharp pain or burning sensation. It’s common for a raised welt to appear. Redness, itchiness, and swelling are all normal symptoms produced by a sting. In some cases, a person may be allergic to a sting and experience more severe symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Some stings for some people can result in anaphylactic shock. Medical attention should be sought immediately if an allergic reaction takes place.

The summer is meant to be enjoyed. We shouldn’t fear to take the trash out or having a picnic. Moyer Pest recommends taking a few precautions to keep stinging insects out of your Westchester home and yard. Keeping food covered, trash tightly sealed, and looking out for nests are all important steps to take to remain safe. There may even be some mistakes you’re making that are attracting wasps and yellow jackets to your yard. Are you noticing wasps returning even after the nest has been taken care of? If they like your yard enough and have reason to stay, they may just move their nest back again.

With Moyer Pest, you can ensure that your West Chester home will be protected from wasps and yellow jackets. We know how important it is to enjoy your outdoor areas to the fullest while there’s no snow on the ground. Stop running from and swatting away stinging insects. With our wasp and yellow jacket control, you won’t have to worry about them any longer. Our team is well trained to remove nests safely and efficiently. Our home pest control programs will guarantee pests from returning as our teams continually monitor and provide maintenance checks throughout the year. If they return between visits, so do we. Contact Moyer Pest Control before stinging insects overtake your yard.

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