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How Moyer K-9 Units Keep West Chester Homes Bed Bug-Free

December 24, 2018

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Whenever you find a pest in your West Chester home, it is something to be very concerned about. Pest like squirrels, ants, rats, and mice are fairly easy to identify. Many of these pests we have had first-hand experience with and can easily identify them and understand the dangers they pose. Bed bugs, on the other hand, are not as easy to identify and we tend to know very little about them. Many of us have never had any experiences with these pests, aside from reading the news articles about the spread of these nuisance pests throughout our region. These pests hitchhike their way into our homes on luggage, clothing and other personal good in search of their food source, human blood. These reddish-brown insects are no larger than an apple seed making it nearly impossible for our untrained eyes to identify. 
Bed bugs can often be found hiding in electrical outlets, under flooring, behind wallpaper, and in blankets, sheets, and beds. This means it can be difficult to spot signs of their presence before your home has a significant infestation. Additionally, once a few bed bugs have gotten inside, it won’t be long before they begin to rapidly multiply and spread throughout your home very quickly. Bed bugs thrive in the warm conditions, making your temperature-controlled home the perfect landing spot.
Effectively identifying a bed bug problem in your home is crucial to eradicating an infestation, but this can be hard to do without a little help.
That help comes in the form of our bed bug inspector, Scout. As a dog, Scout has a keen sense of smell. He has been highly trained to locate bed bug infestations within homes. We hold Scout as a valuable member of our inspection team, and you can be certain that Scout will find the source of your bed bug problems within a few short minutes and with as little disruption to your day as possible.
K-9  bed bug inspections are the fastest and most accurate way to find the exact location of your bed bug infestation, and Moyer’s pest control professionals will work with you to find the perfect solution, once Scout has identified bed bugs within your home. Our K-9 inspections are quick and effective, with Scout’s detection accuracy rate as high as 98 percent!  Moyer Pest Control has the solutions you need to rid your West Chester home of pests today. Don’t allow bed bugs to continue thriving in your home another day, contact Moyer Pest Control today and eliminate pests from your property!

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