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How Long Are Fleas Active In Souderton, Pennsylvania?

August 6, 2019

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Summer may be nearing its end, but the weather is still hot enough for summer pests to thrive. Even so, they tend to know when fall and winter are on the way, and soon many pests will begin to make their preparations for the colder months. But what about fleas? What do they do in the winter? How long are fleas active in Souderton, Pennsylvania?


Flea Season

Understanding when fleas are active will help you know when to be on guard against them. Many people assume that by late summer most pests, including fleas, are getting ready to die off for the winter and are therefore nothing to worry about.


It is true that when the cold temperatures descend upon Souderton, you’ll no longer have to worry about fleas outside. However, if they’ve already gotten inside your home, they will happily survive all winter—using you, your family members, and your pets as unwilling hosts.


In late summer and early fall, the chances of ending up with a flea infestation are even higher than during spring or summer. That's because the rodents and wildlife that carry fleas are actively looking for sheltered areas in which to spend the winter. Wild animals, walking across your property, increase the chance of fleas ending up on your lawn. If wildlife finds a way inside, there's a good chance you'll end up with fleas in your house too. Fleas can also end up in your home when you or your pets unknowingly pick them up.


How to Eliminate Fleas From Your Souderton Home

If fleas end up in your home, you’ll want to eliminate them as quickly as possible to reduce the chances of ending up with a major infestation. Eradicating them is not as easy as it sounds. Vacuuming can be useful in reducing the number of adult fleas, but it rarely gets at the eggs and larvae buried deep within your carpet fibers.


The same is true of chemical sprays. Often, this will only take care of part of the problem. Plus, misreading a label or accidentally misusing a chemical treatment can be dangerous for your family.


The best way to eliminate every flea at every stage of development in a safe way is to call Moyer Pest Control. We can treat your flea problem effectively and thoroughly. We can also inspect your home to determine if fleas are inside due to other pests, such as rodents. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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