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How Flea Problems In Your West Chester Home Are Worse Than You May Think

August 17, 2020


There are many joys that come with owning a pet. Cuddles are free, unconditional love is always available, and entertainment is just a moment away. These are all great things to keep in mind as we are about to break down one major downside that also comes with owning a furry friend. We are of course talking about fleas. These tiny parasitic pests love to jump on pets and cause trouble inside homes. You might be wondering, how bad could fleas really be? The truth is, they are pretty bad. Here are a few reasons why the flea problem in your West Chester home is much worse than you may think.

How Common Are Fleas?

As long as animals exist, fleas will continue to be a big problem. It’s tough to guess just how many fleas exist around the world, but there seem to be enough so that our pets find them when they are outdoors. Most commonly, fleas use wildlife to get onto properties.

Deer, raccoons, and foxes are just a few examples of animals that fleas love. Once on properties, fleas look for ways to hop onto pets. This will give them a direct way to get into your home, which is typically when the real trouble starts.

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Are Fleas Difficult To Deal With?

If you have ever tried to hunt a flea down on your pet’s body, then you already know a bit about how difficult fleas can be. One moment you see a black spec moving around, the next minute all there is is fur. Sometimes it can feel like you are going crazy. Does your pet really have fleas, or are you just seeing things?

The best way to know you aren’t crazy is to look for some of the early warning signs fleas leave behind, such as:

  • Excessive scratching from your pets.

  • Bites on your skin.

  • Tiny black pests that jump either on your pets or around your home.

What makes fleas even more frustrating is how hard they are to eliminate. Even if you get your pets the proper care to get them flea-free, your home could still remain infested for a long time. If you didn’t know, fleas can survive off a host for quite some time and can even use humans as a source of food. Unless they have started making flea colors for humans and homes, then there is no easy way to deal with a flea infestation on your own.

The Danger Of Fleas

Most pests that drink blood are dangerous, fleas are no exception. When fleas bite people, there is a risk of them spreading harmful diseases. Just a few of the most common diseases fleas can carry and spread include the bubonic plague, murine typhus, and tularemia. Many of the diseases fleas can transmit can also be spread to pets.

Prevention Tips For Fleas

Preventing fleas comes down to protecting your pets. The best way you can do this is by consulting your veterinarian. They will recommend the best solution to keep fleas from getting on your pets, or at least from surviving if they do.

How Do You Get Fleas Out Of Your Home?

If your home is currently facing a flea infestation, we have a quick and easy solution for you here at Moyer Pest Control. Our team of highly trained pest technicians has the tools and experience needed to effectively remove flea threats from your home.

Contact our team today for more details about our pest control services, or to schedule a visit to have fleas in your West Chester home eliminated.

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