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How Do You Keep Ants From Coming Indoors?

April 23, 2015

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It doesn't take much to understand ants. They really have only two goals in life: find food, and increase their numbers. If you see them inside your home, all you need to do to deter them is stop giving them something to eat. But there is more to protecting your home from ants. Read on.

Understanding ants.

If you were starving, where would you go? Would you go into a library? Of course not. You'd look for a convenience store or something with a kitchen in it. Ants are the same way. They're going to go where the food is. Outside of your house they will work together to take down a baby grub, gather something leafy, dismantle a flower, or find a dead animal to pick pieces from. If you have a fruit tree, they can be found climbing the trunk in rank and file to collect fruit, one tiny chunk at a time. They have no problem doing this. They don't actually prefer to be in your home.

The perfect conditions.

If your home offers ants easier access to food, they will be happy to march into your pantry, kitchen and common areas, to collect what you have left out for them. Here are a few of the things ants will be looking for.

  • Left out fruit.

  • Pet food in a dish.

  • Toast crumbs and bread crumbs.

  • Food in opened paper or cardboard packaging.

  • Cookie crumbs and sweet powders on shelves and counters.

  • Moisture, condensation and puddles. Ants have to drink too.

If you remove food sources, you can keep ants from choosing to come into your home. But you should understand that, if ants are coming in, it means that they CAN come in. This is a warning sign for you as a homeowner that something is wrong. Ants should not be able to get into your home. An unsealed home is a vulnerable home. Whatever is allowing those ants in, whether it is a rotted hole because of water damage, a damaged door sweep or weather stripping, a hole made by insects and rodents, or something else, you need to find this area and seal it up.

With pest control experts like Moyer Indoor | Outdoor you can eradicate any ant colonies in your walls and find those entry points. Maintaining the value of your home is one of the most important investments you can make. Get your home sealed and stop those ants--and other pests--from getting in.

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