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How Do Bed Bug Problems Start In New Castle?

February 21, 2020


At the turn of the century, bed bug infestations in New Castle were unheard of. Now, in just two decades, it is clear that they are here, and they intend to stay. So what can you do about them? How can you keep them out of your New Castle home? The best defense is a good offense. Here's what you need to know.

How Bed Bugs Are Different From Other Pests

Most pests live in your yard and get in through your exterior. A good offense against those pests is exterior treatments. But bed bugs don't come in from your yard. They are carried in. So treatments won't protect you. If you want to prevent a bed bug infestation, you need to have a clear understanding of how bed bug problems start, and keep a watchful eye.

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How Do Bed Bug Infestations Begin?

There are many ways you can get bed bugs. This is by no means an exhaustive list. It is meant to give you some insight into how bed bugs behave.

Business to Home — This is the one most people know about. It is common knowledge that you can pick bed bugs up in a hotel or motel. But are you aware that you can get them at the library or at a movie theater? Do you know that you can get them at a retail clothing store? There are many ways you can pick up bed bugs when you leave your home to do anything. They don't just spread at night, but nighttime is when you need to be most concerned about getting bed bugs.

Home to Home — When bed bugs get into a home, the infestation can go undetected for months. This is because bed bug nymphs don't tend to cause bite wounds that are swollen and painful. So your neighbor, friend, or relative could bring bed bugs into your home. You could get bed bugs when your grandmother visits from the nursing home. You could get bed bugs when the plumber comes over to fix your pipes. Again, it is important to understand that darkness is vital for bed bugs to spread. They don't expose themselves to the light.

School to Home — When your kids go to school or daycare, they can get bed bugs. This happens through personal contact from student to student or from close contact of carriable items.

Carriable to Home — This is the most common way bed bugs get into homes, and it can happen from business to home, home to home, school to home, and more. Bed bugs crawl into carriables when they are placed in dark locations. They hitch a ride or they lay eggs. When the carriable is picked up and carried into your home, any bed bugs that are hiding will crawl out and look for a blood meal. If an item has a batch of eggs, it can hatch into several bed bug nymphs. This increases the speed your infestation can grow.

How Do You Stop Bed Bugs?

  • Learn to recognize bed bugs and teach your kids to recognize bed bugs.

  • Learn to recognize bed bug eggs and teach your kids to as well.

  • Inspect the cracks and creases of carriable items on a routine basis.

  • Refrain from leaving carriable items in dark places or put them in plastic bags to protect them. Bed bugs move about in darkness.

  • Put laundry items in sealed plastic bags when staying the night somewhere. Bed bugs are attracted to the scent of humans.

  • Do routine inspections of beds and look for black feces, white eggs, dried blood stains, shed skins, or bed bugs crawling around.

What Do I Do When I Find Bed Bugs?

If you live in New Castle or somewhere in our extensive service area, reach out to Moyer Pest Control. We use K9 bed bug inspectors to locate areas of infestation and target them. Once the treatments are done, our K9 bed bug inspectors let you know that your home is free of bugs. Connect with us today. We can help.

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