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How Did Rodents Get Inside My Home?

February 24, 2013

Mouse Entering Pennsylvania Home

While you might be quite familiar with the sound of rodents running through your walls at night, this sound may leave many Pennsylvania homeowners to wonder how they got in. Mice and rats are great at finding ways to gain entry into homes and not only are they sneaky but their presence could put your family and property at risk. The PA pest control pros at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor would like to share some information on how rodents get inside of homes, why they like to be inside, and how to prevent them in the future.

We often hear people saying, “But I have a clean home, why do I have a rodent infestation?” Mice and rats may prefer less clean environments but only because they offer more food, water and shelter which of course allows them to thrive. The actual cleanliness of your home is not the best judgment as to whether or not it is conducive to rodent infestations. What is really important is where rodents are gaining access to the inside of the home. Despite the cleanliness, or lack thereof, ultimately it is the cracks, holes or other openings that are welcoming these pests inside.

As mentioned before it is food, water and shelter that rodents are after. This is why our homes become so attractive to rodents when the weather is cold and ground is frozen outside. It makes sense that our cozy home with attics and basements to hide in, garbage and food debris to eat, that rodents prefer our lifestyle. What it comes down to is our ability to prevent rodents from getting inside.

Rodent prevention requires a little extra effort but in the end, it will be worth it if you can avoid the many dangers and threats of mice and rats such as contamination of food, the spread of illness and bacteria, structural damages, and even house fires caused by rodents gnawing on electrical wires. The first tip to preventing a rodent infestation is to seal off all points of entry including even the smallest of cracks and holes on the exterior of the home. Next, make sure to repair any leaky pipes both inside and out as to eliminate any sources of water for rodents. And finally, make sure to eliminate all sources of food including trash, dirty dishes left in the sink overnight, crumbs and spills on counters and floors or elsewhere in the home.

Sometimes even despite our best efforts to prevent rodents from getting inside, they will somehow find a way. So for those living in Allentown, Souderton and elsewhere in Pennsylvania, if you have found mice, rats or any signs of a rodent infestation, please contact Moyer Indoor | Outdoor today. Allow our team of pest control professionals to quickly and safely get rid of rodents in your PA home.

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