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How Dangerous Are Yellow Jackets In Souderton, PA?

June 16, 2021


One of the more common stinging insects in Souderton is the yellow jacket. These pests are notorious for crashing picnics and ruining backyard barbecues. But are yellow jackets all they're cracked up to be? Find out about the real dangers of these summertime pests!

What You Should Know About Yellow Jackets

There are several stinging insects in Souderton, PA. Out of all of them, the yellow jacket is one of the easiest to identify. It's an insect you can find all throughout the country. Typically, these insects have yellow and black stripes. They resemble honeybees but have a more slender body shape.

Yellow jackets often build their nests underground. However, some species of yellow jackets make nests in attics and under eaves. You might find a nest in a hollowed-out log or high in a tree. If the nest is underground, the entrance can be tough to find. Before you notice a yellow jacket nest, you may see them flying around your yard.

When workers are looking for food, they can travel about 1,000 feet from their nest. This could mean yellow jackets are entirely dependent on what's in your yard for food.

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Why Are Yellow Jackets Dangerous?

So why and how are yellow jackets dangerous? They don't deliver a deadly bite like some spider species, and their sting isn't nearly as potent as some scorpions. However, yellow jackets have venom that affects some people profoundly. If a yellow jacket stings you and you're allergic to their venom, you could experience serious and potentially life-threatening complications.

People can develop allergies to yellow jacket venom at any time. Although you may have been stung before and had no negative reaction, the next sting could be the one to trigger a response. Even if you aren't allergic, you'll experience pain and swelling at the site of the sting.

It's worth mentioning that yellow jackets are difficult to keep away from. You can store your garbage in a lidded container and avoid keeping food outside, but there's not much else you can do. You never know when yellow jackets will take over.

An Aggressive Pest

If you have spiders in Souderton, you don't need to worry about them attacking you for no reason, but yellow jackets are aggressive and see you as a threat. Approaching a nest, even accidentally, could be enough to result in a sting. If you have children, they may unknowingly approach and threaten a nest.

Yellow jackets don't just sting once. They sting multiple times and often attack in numbers. If you disturb a nest, you could end up with multiple stings. Perhaps the biggest problem arises when people try to remove nests. For many homeowners, DIY yellow jacket removal is the first option and they decide to spray a nest with an over-the-counter chemical and then attempt to remove the nest.

Unfortunately, the DIY method of yellow jacket removal often ends in disaster. You may not eliminate all the insects from the nest. Even if only one or two yellow jackets remain, they could sting you. For the best and safest results, call in a pest control professional.

What To Do If You Find A Nest

Since yellow jackets are so dangerous, you should call a professional as soon as you notice yellow jacket activity on your property. For help with stinging insect control, call your local Souderton, PA pest control expert at Moyer Pest Control. Otherwise, problems with yellow jackets on your property will persist.

Yellow jackets are attracted to meat, sweets, and sugary drinks which means they might not leave you alone if these foods are present on your property. When you head outside, if these insects have taken up residence in your yard or on the outside of your home, you can expect the insects to annoy and possibly sting you. For this reason, it's essential to act quickly.

When you see yellow jackets or suspect there's a nest nearby, call us at Moyer Pest Control. We'll find the nests and safely remove them from your property. Our experienced technicians are highly trained in yellow jacket control and removal and are ready to help. Call us now to learn more!

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