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How Can I Tell If There Are Bed Bugs In My New Castle, DE Home?

October 24, 2021


If you feel itchy all night or sense something in your sheets, you could have bed bugs. But how can you be certain they're bed bugs and not some other pest? Learn how to tell when bed bugs are around and what you should do to get rid of them at your New Castle home.

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The Trouble With Bed Bug Identification

Some pests in New Castle need no introduction. For instance, spiders are easy to spot from a distance. Even cockroaches stand out once you know what they look like. But bed bugs aren't as simple to identify. In fact, they're one of the most misidentified pests in the area.

There are a few reasons for the confusion. First, there's a small size. Some people think that bed bugs are too small to be seen with the human eye. However, this isn't the case. They are visible and about the size of an apple seed. At this size, bed bugs don't have any defining characteristics. All you can see are tiny brown spots.

Another issue is that bed bug bites are confused for other bites. Typically, people assume bed bug bites are flea or mosquito bites. These types of bites are all distinct, and it's essential to know what's biting you. Bed bug bites are reddish welts but not quite as red as flea bites. You will probably notice multiple bites in the same area. Meanwhile, mosquito bites are rarely red and tend to be more swollen than bed bug or flea bites.

The Signs Of Bed Bugs

You may need to be an expert to eliminate bed bugs from your home, but you don't need to be an expert to identify them. By knowing the signs of bed bugs, you can tell when you have an infestation. If you act quick enough, you can eliminate these pests before they take over even more.

All of the following are the most common signs of bed bugs in homes:

  • Finding Eggs Or Eggshells: If you think bed bugs are small, you might be shocked at the size of bed bug eggs. They are about one millimeter in size and difficult to see. Usually, they vary in color from transparent to pearly white.
  • Finding Nymphs: After bed bug eggs hatch, they become nymphs. The nymphs are similar to the adults but are smaller and mostly white. As they feed on you, the nymphs become larger and more reddish-brown in color. If you see something that resembles bed bug nymphs, you should call a pest control technician.
  • Blood Stains: After bed bugs feed on you, they leave behind blood stains on your clothing or sheets. You might notice small drops of blood on your sheets or pillowcases. If there's no explanation for the blood stains, you should suspect bed bugs. They're probably the cause of your stained sheets.
  • Bites: As previously mentioned, bed bug bites are also a sign of these New Castle pests. Although bed bugs are most likely to bite you at night when you're asleep, they could also feed on you while you're sitting on furniture during the day. Bed bugs could be in your couch or other upholstered furniture in any room of your home. 

What Should You Do If You See Bed Bugs?

If you think you have bed bugs, you should call in professionals. The best way to identify a problem and eliminate pests is to work with a reputable company. Our team at Moyer Pest Control will respond right away. We've dealt with hundreds of bed bug infestations and are ready to act. To learn more, call us today.

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