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How Can I Protect My Pets From Fleas In Souderton?

June 13, 2022


Did you know that flea infestations can happen to practically anyone? Yes, this is true even if you don’t have pets. While fleas are parasites that live on animal fur, they can still infest homes and live on carpets and furniture. And while they don’t use humans as hosts, fleas can still bite people. Fleas can even spread some dangerous diseases. 

However, while fleas in Souderton can invade any home, people with pets have to take extra precautions. Pets are one of the primary ways fleas enter homes, and if you’re like most pet owners, you love your furry friends and want to keep them safe. If you’re wondering how to protect your pets from flea problems, read on to learn more.

Why Are Fleas A Problem For Pet Owners In Souderton?

There are many parasitic pests around. Some of them, like bed bugs, only feed on humans. Others, like ticks, can attach to both animal and human hosts. On the other hand, fleas can bite both people and pets, but they need to live on animal fur to survive and reproduce.


Once your dog or cat has fleas, they can pose health risks to both the pets and humans in your household. Fleas are known to spread diseases like murine typhus and even the bubonic plague to people, and they can also make animals sick. Fleas also make your pet scratch and bite at their fur repeatedly, which leads to sores and possibly infections.

How To Protect Your Pets From Fleas

Overall, the safest and most effective way to protect your pets from fleas is through Souderton flea control services and veterinary care. You can work with our team at Moyer Pest Control as well as a local vet to keep the pets and humans in your home safe from these potentially dangerous pests.

Our pest control professionals at Moyer Pest Control prevent fleas by addressing the pests that carry fleas on them, such as rodents and wildlife. We will also remove current flea issues. Your vet is there to provide your pets with products and protection from fleas passed from animal to animal.

What Attracts Fleas To Certain Properties In Souderton?

One of the main reasons fleas are attracted to your Souderton home is animal presence. Pets can get fleas from other pets they come into contact with or from wild animals that frequent your yard. But, even people without pets can wind up with fleas. Many pests in Souderton, especially rodents, are frequent hosts for fleas.

It’s also a good idea to check second-hand items for signs of fleas before you purchase them. Things like furniture, curtains, and clothing may have fleas on them already, so do a thorough inspection before buying.

Why Professional Treatment Is The Best Solution To Eliminate Fleas

Doing what you can to protect yourself and your pets from fleas is essential, but don't hesitate if you already have fleas inside your home or live with your best furry friends. It’s simple and effective to eradicate fleas through Souderton pest control plans. All you need to do is contact Moyer Pest Control to get started.

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