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How Businesses In Souderton Benefit From Bed Bug Control

April 11, 2019

a mother hugging her daughter while sitting in the movie theater during a showing totaly un awar of the bed bug infestation around them

There was a point in time when bed bugs in the United States were almost completely eradicated. However, over the past few decades, they’ve made a strong comeback. Bed bugs are common, yet disastrous, pests for businesses. One of the biggest mistakes made with these pests is underestimating their tenacity in invading. Given their name and their nocturnal nature, we’re led to believe that they only affect places where people sleep, such as hotels and homes. It’s true, they are mostly nocturnal feeders, but bed bugs can still spread and turn up in new areas during the day. The result, if not taken care of quickly, is a lot of itchy bites and many sleepless nights.

Bed bugs can actually affect a wide variety of businesses. Some of these places can include schools, daycares, taxis, airplanes, movie theaters, nursing homes, hotels, libraries, and retail stores. No matter which industry you work in, whether hospitality or in retail, bed bugs pose numerous threats.

Here are some of the ways bed bugs can impact your facility:

  • Spreading infestations. No matter the type of facility that has the bed bug infestation, risk of spreading it elsewhere is always a concern. Bed bugs can go home with employees, travel in children’s backpacks, burrow into clothes bought at retail stores, hide in suitcases, and more. If you don’t eliminate your infestation, you’re responsible for spreading it.

  • Losing customers. These pests can hurt the reputation of your business through bad reviews and loss of sales, sometimes causing financial burdens.

  • Dropping employee morale. Not only will this affect customers, but employees, as well. Employee morale and satisfaction will be low if a bed bug infestation lingers. Lowering employee morale can ultimately affect your business.

It’s safe to say that a bed bug infestation in any facility can be a hazard. It’s important to eliminate them as soon as possible. Moyer Pest Control wants every business in Souderton to remain free of infestations. The entire community benefits from local businesses taking care of their bed bug infestations. With professional bed bug control, facilities can avoid the threats to their reputation and to their finances. Bed bugs are persistent pests. Many DIY attempts fail at eradicating them. Not only do they yield disappointing results, but they can sometimes be dangerous. Bed bugs are best left to the professionals. Contact Moyer Indoor | Outdoor to get rid of your bed bug infestation.

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