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Homeowners Guide To Avoiding Stink Bugs

August 28, 2017


Now that fall is on its way, there are a few things that we can all count on. The changing of the leaves, the excitement of the first day of school, Halloween candy in the stores, and pests looking for a spot to spend the winter out of the cold. Frequently, the colder weather seems to sneak up on us, but you can bet that common overwintering pests will not be caught by surprise. They are instinctively already on the prowl for a cozy spot.

One such pest is the stink bug. This bug is brown-gray or greenish in color, and is easily recognized because of the distinctive shield on its back. In the fall, these bugs begin to gather on the side of homes. They will then find their way in through tiny crevices around windows and doors and into the walls unnoticed by the homeowner. There they huddle together and wait for signs of spring when they reemerge.

Though the stink bug poses no threat to the family, meaning that they do not bite or sting, nor do they leave behind any disease, they still can be a terrible nuisance. The homeowner may have no idea that hundreds of these creatures are on the inside of their walls until a warm sunny day in February leaves the stink bug confused and searching for a way out. They then end up in the living space of your home, usually on the windows looking for an exit. That is when you find out that a stink bug comes by its name quite naturally. A squished stinky bug is not a smell you will soon forget, or get rid of easily.

Imagine hundreds of these living inside, and imagine these pests dying inside your walls, attracting many other pests who feed upon them, pests that could be harmful to your family. It is better to prevent them from coming in at all. Homeowners can help keep them out if they start now. First, do a perimeter inspection of the building. Check screens and the space around windows, replace what screens may be torn and seal up any spaces around the windows with caulking. You will also want to check any doors leading into the home. If you can see daylight around the closed door, replace the weather stripping and install door sweeps. If you have cracked siding or missing shingles those should be fixed as well.

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