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Holiday Tip: How To Inspect A Room For Bed Bugs

December 11, 2014

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Will you be traveling for the holidays? Are you planning to stay in a hotel or motel? If so, it is important to stay informed about bed bugs. This pernicious bug can create quite a hassle after the holidays are over. A single female bed bug can infest an entire home in a matter of months. Though these bugs don't carry disease, they are blood eaters that feed several times a night. That means you and others in your house could wake up with rashy bumps all over your face, neck, arms, legs, and wrists. This is not a bug you want to bring home in your luggage, bags, or clothing.

Your best protection against a bed bug infestation in your home is to inspect for them when you travel. Here is a step-by-step guide to inspecting your room for bed bugs.

  1. Before you bring your things into your room, check for bed bugs. Bed bugs can live in rugs, upholstery, electrical outlets, and electronics. Your belongings will not be safe if you bring them into the general living space. Keep them in your vehicle, if possible, or lay them on the tile in the bathroom. Bed bugs rarely travel across hard open surfaces.

  2. Pull down the covers on all the beds and do a search for tiny brown seed-like bugs. They will generally be smaller than a ¼ of an inch if they haven't feed recently, so look closely.

  3. Inspect sheets and pillowcases for tiny dried blood spots. Bed bugs leave these behind after feeding.

  4. Pull up the sheets and do an inspection of the trim and corners of the box springs and mattresses. If you find black sticky residue, contact management immediately.

  5. Use a flashlight to search the backboard and any upholstered furniture in the room for bug activity.

  6. Once you have checked the room, bring your bags in one at a time and place them on the luggage stand.

  7. You are probably safe now to put your clothes in the dressers, but hanging them is better.

  8. Never leave clothes on the floor during your stay, and keep dirty clothes in a plastic trash bag with the top twisted.

  9. When it is time to leave, inspect your luggage seams using a flashlight, and make sure no bugs tucked themselves inside.

  10. Once home, wash all your clothes on the hottest temperature and dry them on the hottest temperature. This will kill any eggs, larvae, or bugs that have gotten into your things.

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