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Holiday Mice! Here’s How To Prevent Them From Coming Into Your Home

November 29, 2016

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This is the time of year that mice will look for a way into your home. You are busy getting ready for the holiday festivities, planning schedules and menus, stocking your food shelves, and doing more cooking and baking than usual. Your home is warm and toasty; the air outside is crisp and cold - cold enough for mice to start thinking about joining you for the holidays. Your home inadvertently also provides mice with an abundant food source. Not to mention, your attic, ceilings, and walls make great places for mamma mouse to build a nest to raise up a whole mischief or colony of mice.

Mice are part of the rodent family. They are mammals that have teeth that continually grow, which makes them gnaw all the time to keep them short. House mice are fairly small with pointed noses, tiny black beady eyes, and large ears for their size. Most mice are gray, tan, brown or a mixture of these colors. These pests can be a problem in the West Chester, Pennsylvania, area during the fall and winter. They also like to be around humans and depend upon them for survival.

While mice depend on humans for survival, humans are at risk for disease from the mice. They can contaminate food sources with their feces and carry some dangerous diseases, one of which is salmonella. Mice can also carry parasites, ticks, and fleas onto your property or into your home. Fires can be sparked by mice that chew on electrical wires. They may even chew through wall and ceiling structures, insulation, and drywall, creating holes throughout your home. While mice look harmless, you can see that they are a potential hazard to you, your family and your property.

Mice will gain access to your home through cracks, crevices, and holes - most can fit through a hole the size of a dime; so, you will need to seal up every entry point around your home – every teeny, tiny hole. You should search your attic and basement for holes and check vents for secure screens. Look around pipes and wires that go into your home to be sure there are no gaps around them. Repair any damaged window and door frames that create an entry for any pests to gain access to your home. Wood and brush piles should be kept away from your home. Food and drinks should be kept in airtight secure containers, and spills should be cleaned up immediately. These methods should help prevent mice from entering your Pennsylvania home, but the only way to be sure is by contacting Moyer Pest Control and letting the professionals mouse-proof your home.

Mice are extremely hard to get rid of. They are sneaky, quick, and reproduce very rapidly. Many homeowners try to mouse proof their home themselves, but only a few have success. Especially once a home is already infested with mice. The sprays and traps can be dangerous or do not work properly, often only affecting a few of the many mice that venture out from your wall voids and ceilings. Moyer Pest Control can identify if your home is actively infested with mice and get rid of them. We can also keep all mice out for good using our comprehensive pest control program which includes integrated pest management practices. Give Moyer Pest a call or go to our website for more information. We will take good care of you so that you can enjoy your pest-free holidays.

Happy Holidays from your friends here at Moyer Pest Control!

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