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Have Ants Invaded Your Souderton Lawn? Moyer Can Help!

April 5, 2019

a large dark ant crawling along the leaf on a souderton property

As spring continues to heat up and we move closer to summer, you’ll soon see, if you haven’t already, a resurgence of ants. These little insects spend the winter in hibernation but, once temperatures start to rise, they get back on the move. Have ants invaded your Souderton lawn yet? If so, Moyer can help.

The Problems Ants Bring to Souderton Lawns

You probably don’t think of ants as pests you need to worry about, but they can cause a variety of problems for homeowners:

  • They can build unsightly hills all over your yard and along the edges of your driveway and walkways.
  • If fire ants get onto your lawn, you may be in for a painful experience if you accidentally step on a mound. Fire ants swarm and sting when they sense danger. One fire ant sting is painful enough, but dozens can be excruciating.
  • If carpenter ants get onto your lawn, they will soon find their way to the wooden structures around and in your home. Given time, carpenter ants will chew away at those structures, and can cause costly and extensive damage to your home.
  • When ants get onto your lawn, there is a high probability that they will end up inside your home while foraging for food. This leads to food contamination, and can cause you and your family to become ill.
  • If ants get into your home while foraging, they may decide to stay. Once ants choose to build a colony within your walls, they are difficult to get rid of.

Why Ants are Difficult to Treat on Your Own

When you see many ant hills on your lawn, or a few ants inside your house, it can be tempting to try and take care of them yourself. Maybe you simply stamp the hills down or kill the ants you find inside. Maybe you take more aggressive action by spraying the hills or setting traps.

Unfortunately, these methods rarely take care of the entire ant population. Most of the colony will survive these efforts. Furthermore, when some ants sense danger, they will break their colony in two for a better chance at survival. This leaves you with a problem that’s worse than when you started.

How Best to Treat Ants That Have Invaded Your Souderton Lawn

For the most effective ant treatment, Moyer Pest Control is the way to go. We don’t just treat the symptoms of the problem, we get to the root of it to eliminate the entire colony. We also offer year-round pest control, allowing you to enjoy every season of the year, knowing that your home and yard are protected. Give us a call to learn more about our services.

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