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Guide To Fall Cleanup

October 27, 2017


Fall is a beautiful time of year, but a busy time as well. During the fall season there are many tasks that need to be completed to get your home and property ready for the upcoming winter season. Taking the time now to make necessary minor repairs around your home, to make sure that your home is sealed tight, to clean up any clutter, and to ensure that your home provides a safe, healthy environment for you and your family to spend the winter in, will save you both time and money in the near future. It is much easier to make the small repairs and do the necessary cleanup now, then in the dead of winter trudging through snow and ice in freezing temperatures. In addition to preparing your home and family for winter, fall cleanup tasks can also help to ensure that your home will not become a winter retreat for pests. Many of the fall cleanup tasks that any homeowners should tackle will do double duty to help keep nuisance and damaging insects and rodents from choosing your home to overwinter inside of.

Example of pests that commonly can be found overwintering inside of homes in our area include box elder bugs, ants, stink bugs, spiders, wasps, fleas, mice and many more. The following prevention tips will not only help to keep pests out of your home this winter but will also hopefully help you to cross off some of your to-do’s on your fall cleanup list!

  • Clean out your home’s gutters. Remove leaves, sticks, and bird nests that have collected over the spring and summer months. Make sure that they are working properly to direct water away from your home, and that they are not allowing water to seep into your home. Moisture attracts a wide variety of pests to the inside and outside of houses and other structures.

  • Rake-up fallen leaves and remove them and piles of grass, sticks and other debris that have accumulated on your property. Insects and other pests love to live and hide under piles of organic materials.

  • Clean out garden areas removing decaying plants, and picking up fallen rotting fruits and vegetables. Trim back trees and bushes from the outside of your home, pests can use their branches and leaves as a highway into your home.

  • If there isn’t one already present, place a stone barrier between any mulch, grass, or soil and the foundation of your home.

  • Stack any firewood neatly up off of the ground and make sure that it is stored at least 20 ft. from the exterior of your home. Critters love to hide in stacks of firewood.

  • Inspect the exterior of your home filling in any cracks or gaps found present in exterior walls or the foundation using caulk or an expandable foam. Just like cold air, insects and rodents have the unique ability to enter inside of homes through the smallest of spaces.

  • Check exterior windows and doors making sure that weather stripping is intact and that door sweeps are in place.

  • Drain and winterize outdoor faucets.

  • Inspect your home’s roof, making sure that there aren’t any gaps found along the roof soffits, that there are no loose or missing shingles, and that all chimneys have tight-fitting caps on them. Clean out your home’s chimney making sure that there are no animal nests or debris inside of it.

In conjunction with completing the above fall cleanup list, at Moyer Pest Control we highly recommend implementing a year-round pest control program for your home. Our highly effective, year-round Home Guard pest control programs provide the complete barrier of protection that you need to keep a wide variety of pests out of your home in the fall, and throughout the rest of the year as well! Give us a call today at Moyer Pest Control to learn more about fall pests and how to get them out and keep them out all year long!

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