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Guide To A Bed Bug-Free Spring Vacation

May 15, 2018

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May is the perfect time to go on vacation, and nothing can ruin a vacation faster than finding out that your room has bed bugs. If you're planning a spring vacation, take a moment to read through this quick guide to prevent bed bug bites and reduce your chances of bringing these hitchhiking bugs back home with you.

Before you leave:

  • Learn what a bed bug looks like in all stages of development. Bed bug eggs are white and about 1 mm long. Newly hatched bed bugs are pale with six legs, two antennae, and three body parts. As bed bugs grow, they become tan and then brown. If a bed bug has had a blood meal, you should be able to see the blood in their abdomen. This blood will be bright red in newly hatched nymphs and more of a rusty color in the abdomen of adult bed bugs (because adult bed bugs are less transparent.)

  • Consider checking bedbugregistry.com to see if a bed bug report has been filed for the place you'll be visiting--unless, of course, you're going to the home of a relative.

When you first arrive at your destination:

  • Keep your bags outside your room or put them on the floor in the bathroom while you do an inspection.

  • Inspect for tiny white eggs, black droppings, black streaks, dried brown blood stains, shed insect skins, and the presence of bed bugs. Look for these on the sheets, pillowcases, bedding, mattresses, box spring, backboards, baseboards, outlet covers, and upholstered furniture.

  • Consider putting your bags or pieces of luggage in a plastic bag to keep bed bugs out.

During your stay:

  • Put laundry items directly in a plastic bag and seal it shut. Bed bugs are attracted to items that have been worn.

  • Refrain from hanging clothing items over chairs or on the bed.

  • When you get clothing out of luggage, use the stand provided.

If you find bugs:

  • Report it to management.

  • If offered a new room, it is okay to take it, as long as it is not adjacent to the room you found the bed bugs in. Bed bugs are not usually widespread through a business that relies on customer reviews for their success.

When you get home:

  • Wash all of your clothing and bedding items on the hottest temperature. That hot water will kill bed bugs in all stages of development.

  • Consider calling a professional like Moyer Pest Control that offers quick and convenient K9 bed bug inspections for luggage and other items before you bring those items into your home.

For questions about bed bugs or to schedule service in Pennsylvania, reach out to Moyer Pest Control at (215) 660-3642.

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