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Got Bed Bugs? Get K9!

July 20, 2015

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If you were to play a game of hide and seek against a bed bug, the bed bug would unfortunately more than likely win! The bed bugs flat oval body was created to perfectly hide in the cracks and crevices of mattresses, box springs, walls, behind outlet covers, and in the cracks of wooden furniture during the day. At night they emerge unnoticed to feed on their food source: human blood. Due to the bed bug’s keen ability to hide it can be difficult for a homeowner to know if the reason they are waking with red insect bites on their skin is due to bed bugs or because of another annoying invader.

Bed bugs are very difficult to prevent because you can come into contact with them in any public place. They then enter into your home unnoticed by hitchhiking in your clothing, purse, suitcase, or other personal belongings. Once inside your home it becomes very difficult to know that they have invaded because they are so very good at playing hide and seek. Because of this our bed bug experts want to provide you with some information to help identify an infestation. Listed below are the four most common signs of bed bugs in a home.

  • Finding droplets of blood on your sheets; as bed bugs feed they may leave behind drops of blood that smear into your linens.

  • Noticing black flecks on mattresses, box springs, and linens. Bed bugs leave behind fecal material after they feed.

  • While not as common, some homeowners will find piles of shed exoskeletons or eggs that the adult bed bugs leave behind.

  • If a home has a large infestation of bed bugs it can result in a sickly sweet odor within the house.

But, what do you do if you are waking up with bite marks, and just aren’t sure if bed bugs are actually in your home because you aren’t seeing any of the obvious signs? That’s easy! You call the experts at Moyer Indoor/Outdoor! The Moyer Pest division will inspect your home and very quickly and accurately determine if bed bugs are in your home through the use of our specially trained bed bug detection dog. Our detection dog, Scout and his nose have a 98% accuracy rating and can inspect a home in minutes, compared to the hours it may take a person, with little to no disruption to the homeowner. Scout is able to find any adult, egg or nymph even in the toughest of hiding spots within a home. His uncanny ability to determine that bed bugs are in fact invading a home, allows treatment for these persistent and fast breeding pests to begin as quickly as possible.

Moyer Indoor/Outdoor can successfully eliminate bed bugs through heat treatments. Our technicians place specially developed portable heaters in your home, set at a specific temperature, to kill all eggs, nymphs and adults that are living within it. After the treatment is completed Scout can re-inspect your home to ensure that the treatment was successful, giving you and your family the peace of mind to sleep soundly once again!

For more information about bed bugs, our K-9 bed bug detection services, or how we can successfully eliminate bed bug from your home contact Moyer Indoor/Outdoors's pest division today!

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