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Get A Jump Start On Ant Control This Spring

March 12, 2015

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Spring is just about here! Welcome back sun, flowers, green grass and birds! Oh, how we have missed you! Welcome back to the backyard barbecues, bike riding and skateboarding! Welcome back to the walks and runs on the wood trails! Welcome back to the over 700 species of ants that will soon be scurrying into your house! WAIT! WHAT?! Ants, you are NOT welcome!

There are over 700 different types of ants in the United States. Only 2 dozen or so are classified as ‘pests’, the rest are so much more than pests. They can threaten things like your home’s wood structure, your family's health or even your landscaping. In the spring, they migrate into your home. They enter by way of any teeny tiny hole, crack or crevice. They will take up residence quite quickly and are not easily evicted.

Two of the most common types of ants that we all deal with are carpenter ants and odorous house ants.

  • Carpenter ants are small, black ants that burrow into wood and excavate for a home for their nests. They require a water source to survive and are often found in soft, rotten or decaying wood. They can and will weaken any part of your home. These small critters can be a real threat to the integrity of the structure of your home and can cause a lot of damage before you even realize that they are there!

  • Odorous house ants also require a water source for survival. While these small black or brown, 6 legged pests do not pose any threat to the structure of your house, they are most certainly a hazard to your food. They are attracted to sweet things like fruit or sugar and are not picky about where or how they get it. These are the ants that you see lingering in your kitchen.

Ants are attracted to your home by food, shelter, and water. They can easily find all three in your house. They enjoy the moisture on your water pipes and the crumbs dropped on the floor. A thanksgiving dinner of sorts can be made for ants from a full pet food bowl. All of these easy things are just a part of everyday life in the average home, nothing too special or specific. You may be curious what steps you can take to help prevent them from moving in this spring. Here are a few general suggestions to help keep them at bay:

  • Check ALL plumbing pipes and fixtures for any leaks that could be a potential water source.

  • Seal all exterior cracks and crevices in your exterior walls (pay special attention to your foundation walls).

  • Trim back trees and shrubs that are close to your home. Ants will sometimes use these to gain access to your home.

  • Don’t leave dirty dishes on your counter or in your sink. Scrape food off and wash or rinse ASAP. Ants love to make a meal out of your leftovers!

  • Don’t leave pet feeding and water dishes down all the time. Both are an attractant for ants.

  • Remove your garbage from the house on a regular basis and store it a covered container outside.

Ants are pretty tough to keep out of your home in the spring. They can use the teeniest access point to get into your house. Use these few tips to help make your house ant-free this spring, but if that doesn’t seem to keep them out, then be sure to contact a professional right away. At Moyer, pests are our business. There are many DIY ant control products available, but they can pose serious risks to your family and pet's health, if mixed or applied improperly. We know how to safely keep ants outside, year round, so you don’t have to try to evict them after they have taken up resident in your home. Contact us today for more information on our ant control services!

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