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Four Easy-To-Spot Signs Of A Bed Bug Problem In Your New Castle Home

December 17, 2021


If bed bugs are a concern, it’s good to know what clues to look for when searching for evidence of these pests. Since these pesky insects can be found in even the cleanest homes of Pennsylvania, it can be prudent to stay vigilant. Four easy-to-spot signs of a bed bug problem in your New Castle home can alert homeowners if a problem exists. Our service professionals at Moyer Pest Control are specially qualified to treat bed bug infestations properly.

What Exactly Is A Bed Bug?

This type of pest is a tiny insect that needs blood to thrive and reproduce. While human blood is undoubtedly a favorite dish, bed bugs will also feed on other warm-blooded animals. Adult bugs are roughly the shape and size of an apple seed. The color varies based upon the time of the last feeding. If a bed bug has recently indulged in a blood meal, it will appear reddish-brown. The color of hungry bed bugs is usually a darker brown.

Dealing with bed bugs can be precarious because these pests are often challenging to recognize. Many bugs may look similar to these little bloodsuckers, so it is not always easy to make a conclusive identification without professional assistance.

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Be Forewarned: Bed Bugs Bite

Unfortunately, bed bug bites can often be the first sign of a problem. Noticing these bites can be distressing for household members, even if bed bugs are not in plain sight. These bites can be inflamed, itchy, and red; they tend to be located on arms, hands, shoulders, feet, neck, and face. Bed bug bites are usually found in rows or groups instead of random configurations.

Bed bugs like to feed on sleeping humans, mainly during nighttime hours. However, if there is a significant population of these pests, they have trouble turning down meals during the day—these insects like hanging in and around beds because they have easy access to their preferred hosts. Bed bugs chomp into human flesh, latch on for several minutes, and then leave to take time to digest the protein they just devoured.

Four Easy-To-Spot Signs Of A Bed Bug Problem

Make sure that if there is a potential bed bug issue on-site, it can be positively identified, and steps can be taken to eradicate these nasty pests. Do some investigating around the home to note any signs that could indicate a bed bug infestation.

1. Bed Bugs: Finding a bed bug or two is definitely not a good sign. Seeing many bed bugs, well, that’s even worse. Noticing bed bugs, eggs, and nymphs is the worst-case scenario. If a family of these pests is present, they didn’t just sprout up overnight; serious steps will need to be taken to destroy these unwelcome inhabitants.

2. Bites: Again, bites can be a sign of a problem if they are indeed positively identified as bites incurred from bed bugs. A professional medical opinion may be needed to rule out hives, rash, or other types of skin conditions.

3. Remnants Of Bed Bugs: If molted skins, eggshells, or dead bed bugs are seen, there could be a bigger problem. When checking for these signs, be sure to look throughout the home. While beds are very popular spots, they are not the only places bed bugs can be observed.

4. Spots: Dark stains from bed bugs relieving themselves are good for one thing- noticing there is a definite problem with these pests.

Taking Control Of A Problematic Bed Bug Situation

If any of the four easy-to-spot signs of a bed bug problem in your New Castle home are found, call Moyer Pest Control right away. We offer bed bug control treatment options to manage these unwanted pests - our trained home pest control service professionals will administer treatments that work.

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