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Food And Beverages That Attract Pests Into Your Home

July 24, 2012

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A juice spill here or a crumb there may not seem like much to worry about but unfortunately pest problems can occur as a result.  When it comes to pests in our homes, they are often attracted to the food and beverages we consume or rather spill. Even the tiniest of crumbs is enough to attract foraging bugs and rodents. And while pretty much all food is susceptible to infestations if we leave it out, there are some foods that are more tempting to ants and other pests. Not sure what foods and drinks those are? That’s okay! Moyer Indoor | Outdoor is here to help Pennsylvania homeowners identify items in their kitchen that could be attracting pests as well as which pests prefer which type of food.  

Baked goods left on the counter – rodents

Sugar granules or sugary treats – ants

Sugary drinks  – stinging insects

Wine, beer and liquor – fruit flies

Fresh produce – fruit flies

Packaged foods (flour, cereals, pasta etc.) – pantry pests

Crumbs – cockroaches, rodents, ants

So if you stock your home with the above items, you may may be wondering what to do in order to prevent pest problems.  First off, there is no need to leave items off your grocery list.  Simply take into consideration the pest prevention tips below to prevent pest infestations as a result of the food and drinks in your home.

  • Keep all open food stored in air tight containers or bags to keep pests out.

  • Wipe up crumbs or spills immediately so they do not attract pests later.

  • Keep caps, corks, or bottle stoppers on all of your wines and liquors to prevent a fruit fly infestation.

  • The next time you are in the grocery store be sure to look out for fruit flies and pantry pests in the foods that you select. Go for unripened produce which are less likely to have fruit flies and check all packaged foods for any damages which could allow pantry pests into the packaging.

  • When you get home and your produce begins to ripen, either use it right away or store it in the fridge or freezer for later use. This will again keep the fruit flies from landing on your produce.

  • Keep lids on sugary drinks and try to keep them inside to avoid attracting stinging insects.

If the pests do happen to sneak through your pest-proofed kitchen (which they certainly can) then it is best to call in the PA pest control pros for help. At Moyer Indoor | Outdoor we offer homeowners pest control in Allentown. We also provide Bucks and Montgomery counties with superior pest control services that are sure to get rid of the existing pests in your home and keep you protected from future pest infestations. To learn more simply contact us today!

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