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Fleas And Fido: Checklist To Prevent Infestations

August 16, 2012

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Things to do with Fido this summer:

  • Take a walk in the park

  • Play fetch with the tennis ball

  • Lounge outside in the shade

These are the things we look forward to with our pets each summer. But all the warm weather also happens to be the worst time of the year for flea infestations. And you know what that means -- itchy, miserable dogs and itchy, miserable humans. In order to help you survive the summer, free of flea infestations, make sure to add these flea prevention tips to your list of summer to do’s:

Keep fleas away from your property:

  • Keep lawns mowed on a regular basis

  • Add beneficial flea and larvae eating critters to gardens and lawns which can be purchased at most garden supplies stores

  • Seal off cracks, holes, or gaps on the exterior of the home

Don’t let the fleas inside:

  • Vacuum regularly and dispose of the bag to prevent reinfestation

  • Wash bedding at least weekly and ideally with hot water

  • Remove area rugs if possible during the peak flea times to prevent fleas from hiding out and laying eggs

Keep the fleas off the dog:

  • Wash their bedding each week with hot water

  • Keep them up to date on flea treatments which should be purchased at the local veterinarian's office

  • Give them a bath regularly especially during peak flea times during the warmer months

Since female fleas can lay 4 to 8 eggs after each blood meal, it is important to stay on top of flea control before you have a full on infestation. Keep in mind that even when all the boxes are checked off, fleas can still become a problem in your PA home. If you and your pets are suffering from the itchy bites of fleas in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Chalfont, Pennsylvania, please contact Moyer Indoor | Outdoor. We offer year round, comprehensive pest control programs to battle fleas as well as other household pests.

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