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Expecting To Cancel Pest Control While Pregnant?

June 22, 2012

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If you are a soon to be mom then you are probably pretty concerned when it comes to any use of chemicals near you. The general idea is that chemicals can threaten your pregnancy and therefore should be avoided at all costs. So when it comes to your routine pest control services in Allentown, Souderton, and surrounding Pennsylvania towns, the red flags go up for expecting mothers. But the experts in pest control at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor would like to share why pest control services are safe and should be in fact be continued during pregnancy.

The first thing to note is that today’s advancements in pest control have led to less and even sometimes no use of chemicals and careful application when chemicals are necessary. With an integrated approach to pest control that goes way beyond the traditional spraying of pesticides, pest control services for homes are safe for families and even pets. There is a large focus on prevention of pest infestations which in many cases reduces the need for any chemical treatments. But even in the case when treatments are needed, as long as you have let your pest control technician know that you have a baby on the way, they will be able to take any necessary precautions to ensure that there are no health threats when it comes to your pest control service.

The second reason that you should continue your pest control services during pregnancy is because the pest infestation could be worse for your health than a professional pest control treatment. Many pests carry harmful bacteria and can spread diseases to you and your family. Other pests can bite or sting and cause harmful allergic reactions that could land you in the hospital. Clearly, having pests infest your home is not an option and it is going to lead to worse problems down the line.

The last reason that you should continue your pest control services is because the use of store bought chemicals is much worse than those from a pest control professional. There is too much room for error when it comes to DIY pest control. You can risk using too much or mixing the wrong chemicals and this could lead to more serious implications for your health and that of your baby’s.

So when it comes to pest control while you are pregnant, there is no need to say sayonara to a pest free home.  As long as you notify us ahead of time, you will have no problems continuing your regular pest control services. If you are experiencing a pest problem now in your PA home or if you have any questions about pest control and pregnancy then please contact us at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor today for more information.

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