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Exclusion: The Key To Long-Term Pest Control Success

November 28, 2017

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No one wants to share their house with insects, rodents, or other pests. Not only can they be creepy-crawly and gross, many can spread disease or make humans and pets sick. Pests can also damage the structure of your home or make a mess out of it. Unfortunately, many pests have the ability to reproduce rapidly once they find their way indoors, so it can be extremely difficult to eliminate an infestation of pests once you’ve got one. It’s much easier to keep pests from entering your home with exclusion than it is to deal with them after they’ve decided to move in.

What is Pest Exclusion?

Exclusion techniques are the key to solving pest problems long term. Pest exclusion involves locating all potential entry points that pests can utilize to enter your home, and sealing or repairing them to prevent them from being used by pests. Sure, you can take steps to eliminate pest infestations after you get them, and some over-the-counter treatments work well, but treatment is usually a short-term solution. If you don’t exclude them from re-entry, you could well end up with another infestation of the same or new types of pests. Exclusion does involve some thorough investigation and work, but eliminating infestations over and over again is expensive and time-consuming.

Rodents, insects, and some forms of wildlife can get into your home through soffit or fascia board gaps, holes larger than 1/4”, rips or holes in window screens, openings within foundation walls, and even underneath entry doors that have ripped or missing door sweeps. Sometimes there are openings around pipes and where electrical wires enter your home that need to be sealed. Many of these openings are easily sealed with caulking, but regardless of the work required you'll be happy that you made the necessary repairs or replacements to close off access to your home.

Get Long-Term Pest Control Solutions

Perhaps you're not in a position to put in the time required for thorough exclusion. Perhaps you want the eye of someone experienced in property assessment, or just want to ensure you've got the best protection out there. Moyer Pest Control offers exclusion services to eliminate and prevent common household pests for families throughout Pennsylvania. Many of our homeowner programs focus on year-round exclusion and can be completed from the outside of your home with no interior access needed. For your best chance of excluding pests from the enjoyment of your home, look to Moyer Pest Control. We've got the pest control solutions you're looking for.

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