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Ewwww, What's That Smell? Stink Bugs Are Back Throughout Pennsylvania!

October 7, 2011

stink bug proof your home to keep stink bugs out this fall

In Allentown, Doylestown and throughout Pennsylvania, stink bugs are back and looking for a nice, cozy place to spend the winter and unfortunately for many, it is inside our homes. Moyer Indoor | Outdoor, a longtime Pennsylvania pest control company, would like to offer homeowners some do-it-yourself stink bug proofing tips that will help your home look much less attractive to these nuisance pests.

Do Not Attract Stink Bugs To Your Home

To stop stink bugs from finding your home, change your outdoor lighting. Just like a plethora of other insects that are attracted to your porch light, stink bugs will flock to regular light bulbs, so replace it out with a yellow light bulb, which will help divert a potential stink bug problem from your home.

Seal Them Out!

If they do find your home, the best, most effective way to prevent an infestation of stink bugs is to prevent them from getting in. Stink bugs and many other insects travel across trees and shrubs that may be touching your home in order to find an access point to the inside. So the first thing you want to do is trim back trees and prune shrubs to make sure they have no direct contact with your home.

After that is complete, you need to seal all possible entry points for stink bugs with a high-quality sealant or caulking. Make sure to seal around pipes, outdoor electrical outlets, window and door frames and under siding. Replace or repair any worn or damaged screens. You can also install insect screening over chimney caps or behind gable vents or any other openings to your home.

If you have spotted these smelly insects inside your home already, they may be gaining access to your living space from around recessed lighting, electrical lines and exhaust fans located in the kitchen and bathroom, so don’t forget to seal the gaps and voids inside as well.

Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

Unfortunately, stink bugs are persistent and even with the best stink bug proofing plan in place, they may still find their way into your home. When this happens, you can vacuum them up, but remember to remove the vacuum bag quickly or it will stink or you can contact Moyer. For Pennsylvania homeowners, we offer stink bug reduction services that will effectively help you keep down the number of stink bugs invading your home this year. For more information or to schedule service, please contact us today.

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