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Effective Bed Bug Control In New Castle Made Easy

January 21, 2022


If you wake up to clusters of bites around your neck, ankles, legs, and arms, see red or rust-colored staining on sheets, or smell a musty odor, there is a chance you might have a bed bug infestation. These are all tell-tale signs of their presence and should not be overlooked.

You might have noticed that one of the signs is not seeing bed bugs. This is not because they are too small to see, but because they are nocturnal and usually only come out at night to feed. This pest is about the size of an apple seed. Their oval and flat bodies are brownish-red but will become swollen and redder once they have fed.

New Castle residents should be aware of this pest and what bed bug control options are available.

Here’s How Bed Bug Infestations Start

Bed bug infestations can easily happen in any home, not just ones considered “dirty.” This means they can happen to anyone because the truth is, they are a tricky pest to prevent due to the nature of how they spread.

You might accidentally bring bed bugs home the following ways:

  • Taking them home in your luggage or bags after staying in a hotel or motel;
  • Tip: Inspect rooms before putting your bags down and never put your belongings on the floor.
  • Carrying then in on second-hand furniture and appliances;
  • Tip: Reduce the number of used items you bring home and always inspect and clean anything before bringing it inside.
  • Carrying them in on bags, coats, and clothing from public places like theaters, public transportation, offices, hospitals, schools, and restaurants;
  • Tip: Always inspect yourself and your children before going inside and never put clean clothes near dirty clothes.

Bed bugs can also travel from one residence to another in a multi-unit building or can be brought in by someone else. So it would help if you use protective coverings on mattresses and box springs and vacuum regularly.

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Here’s Why Professional Pest Control Is Best For Bed Bugs

Many people might be tempted to try and eliminate a bed bug infestation on their own, but the truth is that bed bug control techniques found online are often costly and ineffective. This is compared to professional bed bug control services, which are constantly being updated and improved to yield the best possible results.

Professionals can locate the infestation source, where the pests are hiding, and how widespread it is. This knowledge is essential to eradicating this pest from a residential property. Bed bug control needs to occur at every life stage, not just the adults, which is one thing do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control often misses.

Here’s How Moyer Pest Control Can Help With Bed Bugs

If you have bed bugs in your New Castle home, you should contact us at Moyer Pest Control today to eliminate this pest. Our bed bug control services always start with a free inspection to verify the pest; we will then focus on hot spot areas like mattresses and inspect the entire house as bed bugs can spread everywhere.

We will work with you to develop and implement bed bug control techniques that are most effective depending on the severity of the infestation. We use conventional treatments like insecticides to target small to medium infestations. For large-scale infestations, we also offer heat treatments.

No matter how severe the bed bug infestation is in your home, we will safely and effectively remove them at every stage of the life cycle.

Don’t wait; give us a call today at Moyer Pest Control to get a handle on the bed bugs that have taken over your New Castle home.

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