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Earwigs Could Be A Sign Of Larger Problems

January 17, 2018

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One thing is for sure, earwigs can be pretty intimidating. Their scary appearance aside they aren't much more than a nuisance themselves, but earwigs are important to note because they could be a sign of a much larger issue. Earwigs are likely to be found in moist dark spaces, and their attraction to moisture could be a tip to you that you have sprung a leak somewhere in your home. As the outdoors becomes less desirable, let it be a lack of moisture or warmer temperatures, earwigs seek out a more comfortable environment. Unfortunately, that could be your home. Earwigs are small, not to mention nocturnal, so just because you might not see one running across your kitchen floor, does not mean they are not there. Earwigs often times will find their way through small cracks in your foundation, through holes in bricks, or might even be carried in from the outdoors accidentally in a newspaper or packages. Either way, once they are in, there are plenty of places for an earwig to hide. 

Earwigs could have entered your home for many of reasons, though in general, they entered your home because quite simply, something attracted them to it. Let’s take a look at some of the enticing aspects, in an earwigs eyes, of your home.

  • If the weather outdoors is overly dry, they will seek to escape it.

  • Earwigs actually do not like to be over-saturated either. If the weather is very wet, earwigs will seek out a drier place to hide.

  • Earwigs love to hide. They will happily hide under clutter, rocks, tarps, wood, construction materials and just about anything else found in your yard, and the many small crawlspaces a house provides are quite welcome as well.

  • Earwigs like decaying wood, whether it's a fallen log or a structure.

  • They are attracted to plants. Earwigs also enjoy gardens, flower pots, and vegetation near your home.

  • Plugged up gutters, leaking pipes, or a leaking spigot all can provide perfect accommodations for earwigs.

Moyer Pest Control understands the importance of eradicating pest problems. We also understand the importance of acknowledging why these pests are there, how they got in, and what the appropriate course of action should be in order to assure their eradication. We can have a pest professional visit your home to confirm the severity your earwig problem, recommend what steps to take, and follow through with the option that best suits you and your infestation. Along the way, our professionals might also help identify the source of the moisture that is likely attracting these pests, giving you a head start on making sure that earwigs are not a problem in the future. Moyer also offers emergency service should you find an infestation that is already out of hand and can’t wait, removing pests and following up periodically to guarantee our work. Don’t let earwigs be a problem, call Moyer Pest Control to help take care of your pest problems! After all, taking care of pest problems is exactly what we do!

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