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Earwig Prevention Tips That Actually Work

March 8, 2018

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Earwigs are fascinating creatures, despite the fact that their name is connected to some pretty disturbing myths, like how they supposedly climb into the ear of sleeping people, lay their eggs, and feed on brains. If you can set these myths aside, earwigs are pretty interesting. Did you know that some species of earwigs show maternal care, which is very unusual in the insect world? A female earwig will lay her eggs, guard them, and groom them so that fungus doesn't grow on them. She even protects them through their first couple of molts until they are old enough to fend for themselves. Earwigs are truly fascinating creatures but that doesn't mean we want these creepy insects lurking in the dark places of our homes.

Why Do Earwigs Get Into Homes?

Earwigs are moisture pests. If you have moisture problems inside or outside your home, you are likely to attract these pests. These insects will be drawn to moisture around your perimeter, which might be caused by leaky gutters, leaf piles with wetness underneath, and similar issues. Once near your home, they may crawl on your exterior walls and squeeze through tiny gaps and cracks they find. They can also find their way in through ripped screens or damaged door sweeps.

What Problems Do Earwigs Cause In Homes?

Although these creatures do not generally bite humans, they can give a pinch with their hind pincers. But, if they do, the pinch cannot cause serious injury. And though earwigs look similar to wood-chewing bugs, they do not damage wood in any way. They can, however, be a frustrating pest when they get into flower beds, gardens, and inside homes. Earwigs are often to blame for damage to flowers, foliage, and crops.

Do DIY Earwig Tips Work?

If you are dealing with an earwig infestation, be aware that many of the do-it-yourself earwig removal tips are unlikely to completely eradicate your problem. Though you may get some earwigs, chances are good that you won't get rid of them all. For reliable eradication of earwigs and other household and garden pests, it is important to partner with a pest control company.

Earwig Prevention Tips That Actually Help

To keep earwigs away, make sure your yard and the area around your home is as dry as possible. Remove yard waste and weeds, and trim bushes and other vegetation away from your perimeter. Carefully look over your foundation and walls for gaps, cracks or holes where insects may squeeze their way in, and look around window and door frames for gaps. Seal up holes and apply weather stripping or door sweeps where needed. And make sure the inside of your home is as dry as possible.

How Moyer Can Help

We have been helping folks be pest-free for over 148 years in the Delaware Valley. Our trained and specially equipped pest control specialists will take care of your earwig problem and any other pest problem you may be experiencing. Call us today for more information about year-round protection or to schedule service.

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