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Don't Let Bed Bugs Stop You From Traveling In Souderton

September 9, 2022


Bed bugs are a nuisance pest, but fear of potential infestations shouldn’t stop you from achieving your traveling dreams. Using prevention tips and working closely with Souderton pest control can help ensure this pest doesn’t hitchhike back home with you.

Should I Avoid Traveling Because Of Bed Bugs?

The potential for picking up bed bugs is always a concern when traveling, but you shouldn’t avoid taking that dream vacation because you are afraid of this pest. You can pick up bed bugs from anywhere, not just in exotic locations. Local hotspots like schools, libraries, and public transportation may be just as likely to give you an infestation as a hotel or motel far away from home. 

With that said, follow proper bed bug prevention tips; you can ensure that this pest doesn’t come home with you, whether you are traveling, locally or abroad.

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Five Bed Bug Prevention Tips Every Traveler Should Know

When you’re out and about traveling, the threat of bed bugs may be something that stops you from totally enjoying your time. However, these five bed bug prevention tips can put you at ease and prevent you from bringing back unwanted bed bug hitchhikers:

  1. Elevate your luggage when staying in overnight accommodations, as this prevents bed bugs from crawling into your baggage overnight.
  2. Consider vacuum-sealing clothing that you travel with to keep bed bugs from hiding themselves inside of it.
  3. Check for signs of bed bugs around accommodation areas or any other area you travel through. These signs include staining, bed bug sightings, and unpleasant odors.
  4. Use metal luggage racks on public transportation like trains, as this helps keep your luggage in spaces that bed bugs can’t reach.
  5. Always inspect your luggage when leaving an area you traveled through to catch bed bug problems before bringing them home.

And if you accidentally bring bed bugs home despite following these tips, reach out to Moyer Pest Control immediately for assistance defeating this pest.

How Do I Know If I Brought Bed Bugs Home?

Often, it can be difficult to tell at first whether or not you brought bed bugs home with you from a vacation or other bed bug hotspot. However, there are a few bed bug signs you can keep an eye out for that indicate you may have a problem.

Besides the bites, the most prominent sign of bed bug invasion is visual sightings of this pest. They are darker in color than an apple seed and around the same size and shape and usually found hiding around beds or along the seams of furniture. You may also find reddish staining on your beds, carpet, or furniture caused by this pest’s feeding habits or notice an unpleasant odor around your home.

These signs mean it is time to contact local pest control for bed bugs to eradicate this pest.

Homeowner's Guide To Effective Bed Bug Control

Learning how to get rid of bed bugs can seem challenging, but fortunately, our guide to keeping your home bed bug-free helps make bed bug control in Souderton much easier. 

If you need help treating an active bed bug infestation or protecting your home from future bed bug problems, contacting Moyer Pest Control is your best option. Our team of professionals will help remove all traces of bed bugs from your property so you can regain the peace and safety of your home.

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