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Don’t Let Bed Bugs In Westchester Ruin Your Spring

April 17, 2019

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a cluster of bed bugs infesting the white cotton linens of a westchester residence

Summer is almost here, and with it, vacations and time away from home. This is, of course, a time to get away from the stressors and pressures of life, and certainly not a time to find more. However, what most Westchester residents don’t understand is that the end of summer vacation can sometimes mean the start of stressful pests and, more specifically, bed bugs. How are these two polar opposite things connected, you may ask? Here's how.

Bringing Back Unwanted Guests

It can be hard to believe that you could bring anything back from your vacation besides good things, like happiness and comfort. Sadly, you can, and it comes in the form of bed bugs. These tiny, blood-sucking pests are notorious for hiding away in places you would least expect them to. From 5-star hotels to local malls, bed bugs can be anywhere, hitching a ride on whatever they can, in a quest to eventually find a home. The thing we don’t consider when on vacation, is that bed bugs could be right there with us. They can easily hitch a ride home with us once the fun ends. This may leave you with an unpleasant end to a wonderful time away from home.

Steps You Can Take To Keep Bed Bugs Out

It can be difficult to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you, but much less difficult when you know what to look for and which precautionary steps to take to keep them away.

Here are a few things to consider doing this summer:

  • Always check the rooms you are staying in for bed bugs. Whether you are staying at a fancy hotel, a low-end motel, or at a friend's or relative's house, it is always wise to check around areas you will be sleeping for bed bug activity. If you find bed bugs, it would be wise to consider changing rooms, or even hotels or motels, altogether.

  • Know what bed bugs hitchhike on. Bed bugs have been found hitchhiking on a number of items, but most commonly they can be found clinging to or hiding inside suitcases, clothing, furniture, or other fabric items.

  • When traveling home, consider washing all of your clothing in the washer and dryer before putting everything away. This will kill off any clinging bed bugs before they are given a chance to find a bed to infest.

Follow these steps, and you will greatly reduce your chances of ending your awesome summer with invasive bed bugs.

Why Call Moyer ASAP If You Have Bed Bugs

If, despite your efforts this summer, bed bugs still find their way into your Westchester home, we offer the following tip:

Give us a call.

No one handles bed bugs faster or more efficiently than Moyer. Don’t let bed bugs ruin your summer. Instead, let the professionals here at Moyer come to your aid. Our team is ready to assist.

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