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Do You Have A 'Welcome' Sign Up For Bugs?

June 24, 2011

Welcome to Moyer

Five Tips To Take It Down.

Summer brings a lot of good things, but along with them come some unwanted pests. From ants to mosquitoes, bugs love the warmth of summer - and the delicious food that they know is inside your home.

Many people accept their insect problem every year, believing they can't do much about it. The truth is, bugs usually come in only because their human hosts (who don't know any better) are inviting them!

Stop advertising your home to these six- and eight-legged nuisances. Here are a few tips on how:

1. Seal up entrances

Bugs are the masters of squeezing through the tiniest places. Make sure your windows and doors are sealed (if necessary, replace or repair screens), and check other openings around your home, like dryer and exhaust vents. If you find an opening, use foam spray sealant from any hardware or home improvement store to close it up.

2. Take away crumb snacks

Even the neatest people can have crumbs lying around in places that are hard to notice. Remember, a crumb that's barely visible to you can be a nice snack for an ant. Get in the habit of regularly wiping down the counters, tables, and floors where you eat, and try to avoid eating in places where crumbs could easily get lost.

3. Stop free lunches in your sink

Nobody likes doing the dishes, but if you let them sit around, you're advertising a free meal for any insect within smelling range. Try and wash dishes immediately after you're done using them.

4. No more free rides on firewood

We're all for preparing for the winter, but keeping large amounts of firewood in the house is a bad idea: you're practically begging termites to hitch a ride into your home, and we don't have to tell you that you definitely do not want termites. Store most or all of your firewood outside of your house.

5. Set up a perimeter

If you want to bring out the big gun, this is it: a "wall" around your home that bugs can't cross. This professional treatment stops everything from spiders to earwigs – even rodents.

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