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Do Silverfish Bite?

October 12, 2015

silverfish in a pa home

Though silverfish look a bit creepy with a silver (or brown) body covered in scales and a tail that projects in three different directions, the question is do silverfish bite? Sure, they are scary looking and are a bit intimidating to look at, but they do not bite, nor do they sting. In fact, silverfish fall into the nuisance pest category and are more likely to damage items in your home, including books, photos and wallpaper.

So if you were wondering if they bite or if silverfish are dangerous, take it from the PA pest control specialists at Moyer® Indoor | Outdoor, you can rest easy knowing you have nothing to fear from these common household pests. With that in mind however, you probably don’t want them (or any pest for that matter) in your home. To keep them out, you first must identify what is attracting these creepy pests. Silverfish are drawn to environments that are dark and damp or that are very humid. Areas include:

  • Bathrooms

  • Basements

  • Under sinks and appliances

  • Garages

Like many other pests, silverfish take advantage of openings on the exterior of the house to slip through. Cracks in the foundation, torn screen coverings, and gaps around doors and windows are prime entry points. And once inside, they tend to remain hidden during the day and come out at night to forage for a food source.

Pest-proofing your home is a great way to keep silverfish out but if you’ve already discovered them inside your house, Moyer can help. Silverfish control is included in our in a couple of our home pest control plans and is available in Warrington and throughout Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We also provide pest control services in Chester, Delaware, Lehigh-Northampton, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties. To get rid of silverfish or to learn more about our PA pest control services, please contact us today!

*This post was originally published on July 23, 2013 and has since been updated to reflect the most accurate and current pest information.

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