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DIY Bed Bug Control Is Often Ineffective In New Castle, Here's Why!

September 28, 2022


Bed bug control in New Castle is not something that you should be DIY-ing due to the hit-or-miss nature of most DIY bed bug removal techniques. Instead, for reliable and effective treatment of bed bugs, your trust should be put in New Castle pest control professionals.

Simple Bed Bug Prevention Tips You Ought To Know

One of the best ways to stop a bed bug infestation before it ever takes place is to put simple bed bug prevention tips into practice. These steps will help you protect your property from this small, nuisance invader.

  • Always check for signs of bed bugs when staying in a hotel or visiting bed bug hotspots such as schools, libraries, or large office buildings. Signs to look out for include reddish staining, foul odors, and visual sightings of bed bugs.
  • Elevate your luggage when staying overnight in hotels and use metal luggage racks when possible on public transportation or trains to stop bed bugs from crawling into your luggage.
  • Vacuum-seal clothing when traveling and wash all items in hot water upon return to kill any unnoticed hitchhikers.
  • When purchasing second-hand items, leave them outside overnight on a white sheet and check for signs of bed bugs in the morning. If bed bugs are sighted, treat or dispose of the item.

For further information on preventing bed bugs, you can reach out to Moyer Pest Control. Our expert team will answer all of your important questions about this pest.

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Sometimes Bed Bugs Are Unavoidable

Sometimes, despite your best prevention efforts, bed bugs manage to sneak into your luggage or clothing anyway and come home with you. This tricky pest is skilled at hiding out and just small enough to go unnoticed until an infestation is widespread around your property. In times like these, you should be relying on pest control to kill bed bugs and effectively remove every trace of this pest around your home.

Why DIY Bed Bug Control Often Fails

Many individuals who have noticed a bed bug problem around their home may turn to DIY bed bug control to combat this pest. However, this approach often fails due to the hit-or-miss nature and less than effective results that DIY bed bug control provides. More often than not, you will need to pour a lot of time and money into DIY tactics, and these tactics are never potent or targeted enough to eradicate bed bugs from every area of your home. Furthermore, they may only reduce the numbers of your bed bug infestation, leaving you at a high risk of reinfestation and prolonged bed bug problems.

Local pest control for bed bugs is a much better investment if you want to ensure that every trace of bed bugs is removed from your property in the safest, most reliable way possible.

Top Reasons You Should Turn To The Bed Bug Professionals

If you are struggling with a bed bug infestation around your property, you should contact the professionals at Moyer Pest Control right away. Our team dedicates themselves to removing every bed bug hiding in your home, protecting you from the bites and anxiety-inducing behaviors of this pest. We will work closely with you to tailor our treatments to your property's specific needs and stay with you every step of the way as we eradicate your bed bug infestation issues.

Contact us today to benefit from bed bug control that is reliable, sure to remove every bed bug from your home, and returns your property to the safe, healthy space that you deserve.

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