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Decorating Tips For A Pest Free Holiday

December 5, 2013

PA Pest Prevention During Holiday Decorating

The holidays are coming! Are you prepared? Taking out the holiday decorations from storage in your home often helps to ignite the Christmas spirit for most people; this time also signifies the start of the holiday season! Don’t let pests hiding inside your stored holiday decorations ruin this moment for you; the pest control professionals at Moyer Pest have a few tricks up our sleeves to avoid pests while decorating for the holidays in Pennsylvania.


  • When pulling out stored decorations, open the boxes outside. There’s no telling what kinds of pests may be hiding in amongst your decorations, but it would be better they were released into the outdoors than into the living areas of your home.

  • Dispose of any edible ornaments or decorations from last year. Ants, cockroaches and rodents may find that gingerbread house as an excellent source of food, so keeping it and other edible decorations around from season to season can open your home up to serious pest infestations.

  • Buying a fresh Christmas tree? Shake it out before you bring it indoors. Insects and spiders in PA make their homes inside trees occasionally, so you want to be sure you didn’t bring any unwanted bugs home with you for the holidays. You also want to check your artificial tree for pests that have made a home inside it over the year.

  • Only store your holiday decorations is heavy-duty plastic bins with tight fitting lids. Pests like mice can get into your Christmas decorations while in storage; they will destroy your decorations to make their nests. Signs of mice in your decoration can include mice droppings and chewed up decorations, paper or gnaw marks on your storage box.


Enjoy your holidays without pests this year! Call Moyer for more information on holiday pest control.


The pros at Moyer have lots of tips and tricks for preventing pests in your home and as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! We understand how important it is to keep pests out before the need arises for control, but if you already have cockroaches, rodents, spiders, tiny red bugs or other pests inside your home, we offer effective solutions to eliminate these pests. Contact us today for eco-friendly, residential pest control, a bed bug inspection, treatment for termites and many other pest control services in Telford, Hatfield, Landsdale and throughout PA to get rid of the pests that are bothering you.



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