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Dangers Food-Infesting Insects Pose In New Castle During The Summer

July 29, 2019

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an indian meal moth crawling through a pound of sugar in a new castle pennsylvanian pantry

There are many levels to the problems pests can cause. On the low end of the spectrum are annoyances, these come when non-harmful pests invade areas they don't belong, such as a fly buzzing around the tv screen, or a centipede darting across the basement floor. On the other end of the spectrum, are dangerous pests that pose harm to individuals, either in the way of causing sickness or physical injury. Pantry pests fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, although some argue they should be at the top. If you are not already one of these individuals, our guess is that you have never poured yourself a bowl of cereal only to find bugs crawling around in it. We hope that you never have this experience; so to help you avoid it, let's talk about some factors that attract pantry pests into your home.


Factors That Can Lead To Pantry Pest Infestation

In most cases, pantry pests do not get into homes the conventional ways that most other pests do—by crawling through cracks or flying through open windows, but rather, they get in through the inside of the packages of food you buy. This happens mostly at grocery stores or factories before you ever pay for it at a cash register.

Your best chance of keeping these pests away from your pantries is to check the food before you bring it home. Specifically, check dry food packaging for holes and other damage pests may have used to get inside. Avoiding purchasing packages like this will significantly reduce your chances of bringing home unwanted food additives.


Dangers Of Pantry Pests

The good news is that pantry pests are not known for carrying or spreading any diseases that could make you seriously ill. The bad news is that they contaminate and make any food they infest inedible. On top of this, if one food item in your pantry gets infested, every other dry food around it becomes at risk.


Why Call Moyer For Help If You Find Pantry Pests

When it comes to getting pantry pests out of homes, no one does a better job than Moyer. If you have found unwanted pantry pests crawling around the inside of your snacks, give the pros here at Moyer a call immediately. We will send a pest technician out your way ASAP to make sure your home gets the care it needs.

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