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Cockroach Prevention Tips

November 30, 2015

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Have you ever gone inside a restaurant or grocery store and witnessed a cockroach crawling across the floor, counter top or shelf?  Your immediate reaction was probably one of utter disgust as you hurriedly tried to retreat back to the car and search for a different location in which to do you’re shopping.  Perhaps you were invited next door for a cup of coffee only to sit at your neighbor’s table and see cockroaches scurrying across the floor.  Again, there is no doubt that your desire for that cup of coffee suddenly disappeared.
Cockroaches will invade homes, dormitories, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, warehouses and literally any location that prepares, serves or stores food products.  The problem, however, goes much deeper than a reaction of disgust.  This insect will contaminate food, counters and eating utensils.  Cockroaches will destroy fabric and paper products.  They also put off an unpleasant odor and will stain surfaces.  It is no wonder that people are repulsed at the sight of cockroaches in their homes and kitchens.
This filthy and repulsive insect will crawl through human excrement in sewers or pilfer through pet feces and then crawl up on the counter or stove and contaminate food.  There are many diseases and forms of bacteria of which cockroaches have been known to transmit, placing the health of your family at risk.
Identification of cockroaches is not difficult.  These medium to large insects are broad and flat looking.  They sport long antennae and are equipped with membranous wings.  The cockroach nymph looks like an adult but is smaller and does not have wings yet.  Color will vary from an almost black to a reddish brown depending on the species.  They are nocturnal and will quickly scatter out of sight when disturbed.
The best method of control is to simply avoid attracting these repulsive insects into your home.  Just a few cockroaches will quickly turn into a few hundred very quickly.  Warmth, moisture and food become the cockroach’s priority when searching for a place to reside.  The following tips will help reduce the risk of infestation:

  • Keep your house clean.  This is paramount when it comes to prevention.
  • Don’t leave garbage around.  Keep it emptied regularly.
  • Do not leave leftovers sitting out on the counter.
  • Eliminate water sources.  Repair any leaky faucets and sweating pipes.
  • Seal all cracks and crevices inside the home in which roaches can hide.
  • Close off all points of entry.  Caulk around windows, doors and any other cracks or openings.

It is worth repeating that the number one prevention tip is cleanliness but don’t hesitate to call the experts here at Moyer Pest Control in the event of an infestation of cockroaches.  We have complete home guard programs that will provide 100% satisfaction guarantee on the removal and control of cockroaches and many other household pests.

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