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Closer Look At Carpenter Ant Damage In West Chester

June 22, 2018

carpenter ant on water damaged wood

Carpenter ants are a species of wood-destroying ant, that, if not eliminated quickly, have the potential to cause significant structural damages inside West Chester, Pennsylvania homes and buildings. Identifying a carpenter ant infestation can be tricky, especially since carpenter ant damages are often confused with the damages of another species of wood-destroying insect - the termite. While carpenter ants and termites do have some similarities like causing expensive damages to structures, it is important to understand that they are two very different pests and require different methods of elimination. To help protect your property from the carpenter ants found in West Chester, Pennsylvania, here is some helpful and hopefully eye-opening information about these pests!

To protect your home from these destructive ants, it is important to understand the differences between carpenter ants and termites. Termites and carpenter ants each have their own unique habits and therefore require very different treatments to eliminate them from your property.

The differences between carpenter ant damages and termite damages:

  • Termites damage wood while tunneling through it in order to gather the wood and take it back to feed their colony. Carpenter ants also tunnel through wood, not to feed on it, but rather to create satellite nesting galleries to help expand their colony.
  • Carpenter ants are much “tidier” workers compared to termites. Carpenter ants chew the wood they are tunneling through and spit it out, leaving behind piles of sawdust on the floor near their nesting site. Their tunnels are smooth and free of debris and excrement. Termite tunnels, on the other hand, are rough and full of debris.
  • Termite colonies are typically much larger than carpenter ant colonies; termites also tend to cause more damage than carpenter ants, and at a faster pace.
  • Termites are rarely seen outside the wood they are invading or the mud tubes that they travel through; carpenter ants, however, are commonly seen foraging for food in and around homes.
  • Carpenter ant damage tends to be more isolated to one area inside of a home they are invading, while termites will tunnel all throughout a home whose structural wood they are feeding on.

In West Chester, carpenter ants can be problematic throughout the entire year. Ants generally don’t go dormant during the colder winter months; instead, they tunnel deeper into the earth and typically aren’t seen by people until the weather warms up again. However, since carpenter ants tend to create nesting areas in warm, temperature-controlled homes, they can remain quite active throughout the colder fall and winter seasons as well. During the spring, the warm, wet weather that is typically found in West Chester allows for carpenter ant populations to boom. Carpenter ants are attracted to wet or water-damaged wood, meaning that any conditions of excess moisture can put West Chester homes at risk of carpenter ant damage.

Prevention is the best way to avoid a carpenter ant infestation and the resulting property damages. Our year-round pest control services are a great way to control these damaging ants as well as the other pests that become active during the warmer seasons in West Chester. To learn more about how we can help rid your home of carpenter ants and prevent their return through our highly-effective carpenter ant control services, contact Moyer Pest Control today!

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